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Thanks for all the ideas! We leave on Fri for a 6 day trip -- two boys and me (with a sore wrist).
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I can camp without almost anything (especially if you are somewhere with the possibility of getting to a store). I will NOT camp without my air mattress and extra blankets though. There is nothing worse than worrying about your kids being cold. I have a bad hip, and will not sleep on the ground.

Depending on where you are camping you may have electric hookup. In that case take an extension cord and power strip so your husband can hook up his CPAP.
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I'd trade the beer for liquor (since it takes up less room).QUOTE]

This just cracked me up! I want to camp with you.
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I just got back from a camping trip yesterday and I'm still sore all over so I say with out a doubt - AIR BED! Camp rolls just don't cut it as an adult (and we were camping on nice soft sand dunes too).
Seam sealant is a good idea to have with you as sometimes seams pull after you put the tent up and need re doing. We had a big storm one night (it was wet even by north Wales standards) and it was so good to be dry! Plus you can repair small holes with it.
Masking tape is always useful and you can use it to do story trails with the kids (give them a loop of masking tape sticky side out and as they walk about they pick up small things and add them to the tape then they can tell you the story of where they went after wards using it).
Clothes pegs. You can fix wet things and rubbish bags to the guy lines.
A jet boil or storm kettle to boil water quickly.
Spare pegs.
Head lamps are much better than torches!
A bucket with a lid for middle of the night emergancies!
Pack of cards.
Dustpan and brush for cleaning out the tent.
Wet wipes and hand sanitiser gel (not normally a big fan but love it camping!)

Can you get some kind of adaptor to run the CPAP machine from a car battery? Perhaps ask at a pharmacy or call the company and find out if they have some kind of portable option. Seems crazy not to (in the event of power cuts etc).

Hope you enjoy your trip!
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A first aide kit
A lighter/matches
Toilet paper!

You probably have everything you want, but those three things are thing I would NEVER go camping without. Have fun!
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In addition to the other suggestions:

A swiss army knife, or similar tool
Lots of band-aids

ZIPLOCK BAGS!!! We go backpacking and these bags are awesome for:

*Repacking food into smaller packages (that will fit inside the bear canister)
*Putting trash in so that it can be packed out.
*Putting used toilet paper in, so that it can be packed out (yes, you need to take it with you, not bury it!)
*putting wet clothes it, so that they will not make everything else in you pack wet.
*putting smelly socks in, so they will not stink up the whole campsite.

TMI: Where we were hiking last year, we had to pack out our poop, as well as the paper waste. Have you ever tried to poop precisely into a plastic bag??? LOL - we made my 9 year old carry the waste bag, since he was the most active contributor.

In comment to some other comments/questions:

If you are camping in an active bear area, you DO NOT put your food/garbage/cosmetics in the car. If you do, you can wind up with a convertible (saw it happen at the campsite next to mine last year), and a big fine from the park service. Bears can tear open a car very easily

To bears - coolers = easy open picnic baskets

When in an active bear zone, using a bear resistant food canister is highly recommended. The more human-experienced bears won't even try to open one. You can keep it 50 feet or so from your tent, in the event a critter does try to open it.

When stringing up food in a tree, you try to use two trees that you can hang the food between, at least 50 yards from your tent. Again, if the bear/raccoon/marmot smells it, the attraction is away from you, and you have enough time to get out your noisemaker and scare the varmint away.

Bears are more interested in food than people. A couple of weeks ago, my 6 year old and I were walking back to the tent from an early morning potty walk, when a bear crossed our path, no more than 15 feet away from us. I had not taken my air horn, so we just stopped and stood silently while it went by, intent on looking for food in someone else's campsite.

Ahhhhhh! The joys of camping in the high mountains!
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One of the repeating themes I've heard from people camping is their experience with poison ivy. It's a good idea to at least be able to identify that and poison oak beforehand. A bonus to that is that if you forget the toilet paper you'll know what NOT to use in its place.
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lol every year i always seem to forget the can opener
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something to go pee in at night!
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nail clippers!
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Zip Ties and duck tape.
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Insulated mugs, I need hot tea.

wasp eaze spray, after a couple of campsites we've stayed at had wasps nests this has been added to my first aid kit.

A pack of cards or other game to play with DH after the kids have gone to bed. We like tantrix It's a good game and with plastic pieces which don't get ruined when wet. Also the kids like to play lining up the pieces.

The kids like the wind up lantern, we can leave it on low all night so they don't wake up in complete darkness.
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hotel reservations, I am sure its already been said!
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