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Grrr... I've gotten the "you have twins right?" with each pregnancy, including this one already. I carry big (and tend to have big 9lb+ babies) and all "out there."  People are so not shy about commenting on pregnant women's bodies :P

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This is me and my best friend. This is what a twin belly at 23 weeks looks like (I'm on the left), compared to a singleton at 36 weeks!

Went to a restaurant last night, and my husband was telling a friend I was due at the end of March/Early April, and some guy behind us tells my husband, "Please tell me she's carrying twins!" Thought it may just have been the rudest thing I've ever heard. Felt like saying "Nope. It's just one!" so I could make him look like an a$$ but I behaved ;)


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Keep the pictures coming ladies! I love seeing how different yet beautiful we all are! I am sick right now so no pic from me. I am finding that I am not getting ANY comments from anyone, most people seem clueless that I am pg until I tell them. That has a lot to do with it being so darned cold, not having many maternity clothes so I'm stealing from DH a lot, and my maternity coat is my babywearing coat and it's huge on me with no baby wrapped underneath it.

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I feel huge at 23 weeks....I too had a large baby the first time 9lbs 10oz...My stomach feels so heavy...I think I need a maternity belt.



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26W+ 1D


(taken in front of my parents fireplace on xmas day)
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Everyone looks great!!  I've been MIA for quite a while :blush: boy does life get busy LOL.  


Here's mine at 22w-I editted out my herniated belly button, was trying something new, that's why it looks fuzzy on the tip there...obviously my editting skills stink eyesroll.gif:



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ok I tried to edit but it didn't work, trying again:


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Such cute bellies all over the place!!

26 weeks with the twins!! Somehow I feel like I look bigger in person if that's even possible!!


Belly pic 26 weeks.jpg

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Here we are at 23 weeks!  The shirt is pretty funny b/c our last name is BUMP.  lol!  Thank you all for sharing your pics.  It's great to see all the different bellies.  :)

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26 weeks


26 weeks

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This is me at 26 weeks. I feel gigantic! This is my first pregnancy. I have gained 16 pounds and it's all up front and center. People keep commenting on my size and asking if I'm having twins!

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Great belly pics! I have been sick with the flu for about six days. So no new pics here!  I haven't even been out of my nightgown since Wednesday of last week. Well....other than to take a bath or freshen up.  Hopefully I can get a shower and get dressed today! I'm so ready to feel good again!

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DD snapped a photo for before bed last night. I was 25w and 3d.


me belly 25w 3d.jpg

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cute! look at that belly button all popped out!! orngbiggrin.gif mine is only getting there!
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cute! look at that belly button all popped out!! orngbiggrin.gif mine is only getting there!
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25 wks 3 days


Taken today - 25 wks 3 days :)

Love seeing everyone else's belllies!

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I'm 24 weeks.




I didn't think there were enough old stretch marks being shown off, so I decided to show mine. lol!



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this was taken @ 26w3d, today I am 27w4d and feel like my belly is twice the size now... had a major growth spurt this past week!

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Nerdymom....I have the same shirt smile.gif cute bellies girls!
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24 +1. Baby boy keeps laying transverse making my belly seem small (to me anyway).



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