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Everyone looks great!!


Here's my 26w:



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shannon, love the belly button! i really hope mine pokes out like that soon!

here is my first belly pic:

and the most recent:

interesting to see the difference! redface.gif
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This is me at 26w2d. I feel huge and I'm carrying super low. My lower back is killing me!January 2011 022.JPG

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I have loved keeping up with everyone's pics! I finally got DH to take my first belly shot of this pregnancy (shameful considering I took them weekly with DD redface.gif

Here I am at 26 weeks 1 day:


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Here I am at 27 weeks today 2nd baby....I feel Huge! 

christmas duke 4th 009.jpg

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You all look great! DeepLove--that dress looks really good on you.

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28w4d  guess where I work??  haha 167317_10150354157830075_704590074_16590572_5256844_n.jpg



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thanks blanca78

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wehrli~ thanks, I actually have a hernia, and it popped around 9 weeks this time, LOL.  I've had it pretty much since my first, but each time it gets a little bigger.  Thankfully in between it shrinks back, LOL!



Lots of belly pics this week, 3rd trimester, here we come!!  :)

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OK! So finally here are a couple of belly pics from me. The first is from mid-november, I was around 16 weeks. The second is from this past weekend, around 25 weeks. I'm headless in both.. sorry. My expression managed to be wonky both times! Better luck next time eh?






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This is me at 24 weeks + 2 days. I am loving this phase: big enough to look pregnant, but not enough to be uncomfortable. :-)



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Taken just now @ 28w3d


Photo 36.jpgPhoto 28.jpg


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I've been taking pics every month, but got behind on posting them:

24 weeks -

28 weeks -


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I was going to post a pic...but the only ones I have recently of me, arent suitable for here! lol we do girls night out....and a few of them dont really show anything anyhow. :( bummer.


But everyone else is looking fantastic....



oh what the heck....here goes...lol



26/27 weeks..I'm in the background. thats my other friend in the green that is due in aug :)


the one below is about a month ago around 23 weeks



gno 1.jpggno 2.bmp

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I was part of a belly mapping experiment. 27 weeks 3 days.

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That is really neat Patti!! 

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Patti, the belly mapping painting is adorable!!


Here's my tummy at 26 weeks and 4 days.


me 26 weeks bare belly.jpg

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I posted a pic in "March," but I'm straddling the two Due Date Clubs (I'm due March 28, but hoping to deliver in April because my midwife is on vacation until 3/30!), so I'll post here, too.


Me at almost 30 weeks in a crazy bathroom at a wallpaper studio where my husband works:




Sorry it's so grainy.  I don't think my phone camera could handle all the mirrors and chrome!

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Love that bathroom!! Very cool! Your belly is so small for being so far along! I feel huge compared to you! Lol cute bellies mama's!!!!!!
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Jennifer - I have that same purple shirt you're wearing in the picture where you're being funky :) I wore it over Christmas, and really liked how it made me feel pretty and dressy. Getting tight now...lol. I still have yet to post a belly pic on here...that's sad. But I'm so big and swollen I'm kinda embarrassed to... 

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