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I know it doesn't look like much, but that's me on the right, this was taken Nov. 4, and I was 15w 5 days.  I am normally flat-stomached.  This was taken at my show opening, which is why I'm dressed up

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Wow Amanda! You are rockin' that dress!

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Photo 80.jpg



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me this morning at 16 wks 5 days


and I love love love this picture with my fiance so I'm adding it too.  love.gif




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Is that completely mean to tell you that I hate you for looking THIS flippin HOT?! Heheheh....totally kidding about the 'hate' part. I hope to look this fabulous on my 4th go around!

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I know it doesn't look like much, but that's me on the right, this was taken Nov. 4, and I was 15w 5 days.  I am normally flat-stomached.  This was taken at my show opening, which is why I'm dressed up

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Can't delete this post, but the next one shows me successfully. That's at 18.5 weeks taken a week ago. I've used that same bikini for photos every 2 weeks, so it's fun to see the progress.

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I can't seem to get the photo right: I can open and it looks better.18weeks 011.jpg

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Mamas, how come I never clicked on this link when it was a sticky?!?! I LOVE belly pics!

Tho, seeing all your fabulous bellies makes me kind of embarrassed to post my bad cell phone pic. I know, tho, if I wait until I upload my actual camera pics, I won't do it. It is a serious problem. :P

Amanda, holy cow, mama. You look amazing. I love your glamorous bump.

SeattleMolly- wearing the same thing is a great idea. I wish I'd thought of that!


Here's my twin belly yesterday, 18wks4days (in the gym bathroom @ my DS's school bc they have a full length mirror, LOL)

I need to get a pic w/ more of my body in it bc, holy cow, I've been so sick and lost all my extra fat and I'm for real ALLLLL belly and I'm not sure you can tell from this pic.

Twin belly, 18w4d

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everyone looks great!  I feel so fat lately- more jabba the hut than cute preggo lady!  You guys are all rockin the cute belly, though!!  Babygrey....wooo-hooo....you go with your twin belly!  Looks great- you really are ALL belly but I hope you are feeling better soon!


I'll try to get some pics later!

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I love this belly thread and now feel like I have something to show!!!  I've been really worried that I haven't been gaining weight, but my belly's been getting bigger.  I just stepped on the scale and I think I gained 4lbs this week!  Well, maybe I wasn't quite reading the numbers correctly before.  It's really hard to see the tiny marks when you're 5'8 peering at your feet and wear glasses.  When I bend over to see them more clearly, the scale moves.  This is me at 21w1d.  Up a total of 12lbs.


Taken yesterday at 21w.




Taken today at 21w1d.



How do we get our stickys back?  I see other forums have got them now.

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Just took this today 18 wks + 6 days



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Here I am yesterday at 20 weeks:
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This was taken 2 weeks ago at 18 weeks. Ugh you can see my old stretch marks. Nice photos ladies keep tham coming! And how do we get sticky threads again??

Patti 18 weeks.jpg

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Patti-You're on your 5th. You better have stretch marks! If you didn't we would know where your kids came from.

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Here I am at 20 weeks +1day with my 2nd child....the doc said I am measuring 2 weeks ahead....shrug.gif.

20 weeks.JPG

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Not the best photo, and a few weeks ago, but this is 15 weeks with #2.


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Here I am at 20 weeks.  Cute pics everyone!!hannahpregnant.jpg    

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Photo 82.jpg 22weeks


Love the pics everyone!!!

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ok, here's my latest...


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Lovin' on this thread- great bellies, mamas. Kissum and IdentityCrisisMama- those are great dresses, plus it looks like you coordinated for the belly pic thread upsidedown.gif


I think this might be my last week before NEW STRETCH MARKS pop out. I'm itchy as all get out.

oh, and my dear baby brother had the tact on Thanksgiving to say "Gee, you've sure gained some weight!" yikes.gif I'm only up 7lbs for the entire pregnancy so far, so, I could say no, actually I haven't, but seriously? Manners?!? (in his defense, he has really no exposure to pregnancy other than me, and he's pretty young... so, really, I laughed my butt off)

Anyway. Here's my half-way pics

Twins, 20weeks2days


ETA: see, in this pic, how my belly looks lop-sided? Like, my right side is bigger than the left? That's not an optical illusion- it actually IS! Both of my babies have been curling up in the same tiny corner of my uterus. Anyone else have babe with a side preference??



Huh. I have no idea why the first pic looks tiny.. weird.

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