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what's your babe up to?

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Sorry, I feel like a posting nerd for June but I feel like a new mom all over again with DS -- he's soo much different than my daughter who was like a spazz from birth on.

Wyatt is 6 weeks, holy moly I can't even believe it. He is smiling and cooing which is great, and he's sleeping well too. No real schedule yet obviously, but he's got a few awake periods during the day, of between 1-3 hours each and in between those he sleeps. He's "down for the night" at 10ish and will wake up 2-3x per night to nurse but barely wakes up for those. And he is a gem. Second kid is so much easier but still trying to find that balance. Getting out with two or getting anywhere on TIME is tough! Ha!
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Francesca was one of the early ones for our DDC, so she is nearly 12 weeks old. She has really discovered her hands - they are in her mouth constantly, she is swiping/grabbing at toys, and she's just generally playing with them. She now sees colors and it's obvious in what she stares at. She smiles back at me and babbles a lot. She's starting to show so much more personality!

Cesca doesn't have a "schedule" but she does have something of a "routine". And, thank heavens, she sleeps well!
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Ryder is 2 months old (turned it on the 7th) i've lost track of weeks, life has been crazy. My 2 older girls' started school and returned to public school so it's been hectic. But RyRy as we call him, is a doll. He is a really happy baby as long as he has what he wants. But if he's poopy, tired or hungry . . . you better figure it out and quick or the whole world will know he is ticked off. He has rolled over once now, which freaked me out. Um, he's cooing and smiling and laughing, and just a really happy boy who adores his older sisters. He's growing like a weed! At his 2 month check he hit 12 lbs but i can't remember his length and bad me, didn't write it down. But we have been having to buy new clothes for him, 6 month sizing because he's so long nothing fits his torso!

Sleep, ehhh. It depends on how well i do with not eating any dairy or soy. He's been asleep for the last 3 hours, and will wake up to nurse then go back for a nother few or for 45 mnins. All depends on his mood lol
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Stella is only five weeks since she came in early July. She's got a good routine down, but we're struggling with her waking every time she loses her paci at night. I love having three kids, but as someone else said, finding the balance is really tough. I have some help during the day but then it is just Stella and I. What I could really use is help from 5-8 every night when all three are clamoring for attention. I think we'll get the hang of it at some point.

So she's still basically eating, sleeping, and pooping quite a bit. She smiles and rocks her feet when DH plays the guitar. She coos quite a bit too!
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Zoey was another early babe. She's 11 weeks now and for the most part, is a little doll, though she has her moments. If that diaper is full or she doesn't have a nipple in her mouth within 30 seconds of realizing that she's hungry... Watch out!!!

Lately, she's been really into her hands and feet. She puts her hands in her mouth a lot and spends a good deal of time trying to reach her feet and pull them into her mouth as well. Sleep-wise, we've got a bit of a schedule. I usually feed her around 9:00 and then sometime between midnight and 2:00 she'll wake for another feed, which DH handles with a bottle of EBM. After that, she's usually good till 7:00 or 8:00.

She also babbles and smiles a lot and seems generally to be enjoying her position as light of our lives!

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Keaton is 7 weeks old - a yummy bundle of boy! He's got these lovely chubby turkey drumstick legs and is smiling up a storm!

I think I've gotten thru the worst of the PPD - it's helped that for much of the past week he's been on a 3hr nursing sked overnite. Past few nites he's even slept by himself in our bed!!!! Getting a few hrs without him on top of me makes it so much nicer to cuddle him the rest of the time.

Looking forward to school starting so DD has something to occupy her time - and also I've got to get back to working (from home) - we're broke!

But overall - good. The best is how good DD is with him. She's just an angel and loves to talk and coo and take care of him.
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Max has rolled over once but most of his time is spent smilingand 'talking' to everyone. He is such a sweet,happy boy but like so many other babies when he *is* mad he is MAD.
He had his 2 month check yesterday and was 11lbs15oz (with diaper and onesie) and 22 1/2 in. Short and chubby
Pics at the blog:

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Lyla was 8 weeks yesterday, hard to believe! She is cooing and smiling for everyone, she loves to have her hands in her mouth and she (like Max) LOVES to stand up, she will love her ultrasaucer! She is very patient with her 3 bigger siblings, who love to hold her and are always in her face. She does want to be held most of the time she is awake, so thank gosh for my mei tai! She doesn't go to "bed" until 1am, but sleeps 6-7 hours wakes to nurse for a couple min, wakes again about 2-3 hours later then sleep 4 more hours. So if we can just get her "bedtime" a couple hours earlier that would be nice!
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Lovely Lily (aka Peanut) is 9 weeks now. At her 1 month appointment she weighed 11lbs 5 ozs, at 7 weeks she was 12 lbs. She's fitting 3mo-6mo clothes, but she can't wear some of the little panties that come with the outfits b/c her chunky thunder thighs. She smiles and "talks" now, has happily found her fists to chew on and is fascinated by ceiling fans and her teddy bear mobile. DS is getting over his baby germ phobia LOL. He really wants her to be 6 so he can play Wii with her.

She eats *alot* during the daytime but after her last nurse-a-thon at around 10:30 she'll sleep till 5:30 (No, she will not wake up to have a drink- I have tried)

I wish I could slow time down- end of maternity leave approaches :cry
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