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Preschool pen pals?

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My daughter turns 4 at the end of Dec and I am looking for a pen pal for her. Hopefully a child close in age? They could send "letters" or/and pictures back and forth.. Anyone interested? Trying to work with her this year since she's not in preschool yet, and I thought a pen pal would be a fun to have
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I'm up for it! I've tried to do this with several different kiddos...my DD LOVES getting and sending mail. My DD just turned 4 in June...
PM me!
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This sounds really awesome. I'll try talking to my son (turns 4 in Feb.) about it and see what kind of reaction he gives. I'll PM you if it's a good one! If not, hopefully he'd be into it at some point.
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Thanks guys! Earthworm, just let me know if he decides he wants to!
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Hi Ladies,

If anyone is still interested in this, I have a five and four year that want pen pals.



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Levi would love this!  He really likes to get mail and is getting better at writing (with guess spelling...).     He turns 4 in July.   Pm me !

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I tried to google search pen pal a while back to see if I could do this for my daughter. When I was a kid, I actually had a pen pal at one time. It was such fun. My daughter is 4 years old and I am sure she'd be glad to have a pen pal. Let me know if anyone is interested! :)

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We used www.blueaglet.com to get her matched with a penpal. Our daughter loves it so far, though everything with her is exciting the first month shy.gif

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Thanks so much for posting the link.  You've just made my DD's day smile.gif

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