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does this hose seem safe?

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I keep reading about making sure to get a drinking water quality hose to fill the birth pool. I wasn't able to order one along with the birth pool because they only had 25 foot lengths and I need one that is 50 feet so I've been looking on amazon. I'd really like to get one there because we have a prime membership and they have free shipping and easy returns if there is a problem. I plan on hooking it up to the shower with the shower adaptor I purchased with the birth pool. I thought a green hose would be nice so we can use it outside without having an oddball white hose.

I've never posted a link, I hope this works:


This hose says that it's lead free and is safe to drink from so does that mean it's safe to use to fill a birth pool? Does anyone have any other ideas on hoses?
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honestly..... I was just going to use our garden hose.....

But they had some on sale at walmart the other day and DH wanted to get a new one so I told him not to use it outside yet, and that we can use that new one for filling the pool.

My midwife didn't say anything about needing a drinking quality hose, said that a clean regular hose would be fine.
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I got my supply list yesterday and my midwife just told me to go get a new garden hose that hadn't been laying around the yard yet so there wasn't any bacteria or fungus from the combination of moisture and heat being outside in the yard, so i am under the assumption that it mainly comes down to cleanliness of the hose. It is a hygiene/contamination issue.
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I've always read that the hose needs to be 'drinking water quality' because regular garden hoses usually contain lead.
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So if the garden hose you buy is lead free and safe to drink from, I'd call it good! I had to buy a new drinking water hose for my RV last fall, and was pretty pissed about how much spendier it was than a garden hose.
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Would you water your vegetables with it? Then it's fine. Your baby isn't going to be drinking it.
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we are using a new regular garden hose as well.. i think it's mainly whatever you feel comfortable with.. just remember it's not like the baby is going to be in that water for a very long amount of time.... and who knows if you will even want to birth in it!
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I got one that is drinking water safe, so I think the one you picked should be fine.
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