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Babies are HERE!

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I just wanted to let you all know that we greeted our beautiful girls yesterday at 39w3d. Emmalin came into this world at 10:00 am weighing 6#14oz and Bria at 10:01 am weighing 6#11oz. They are beautiful! Bria is a nursing champion, Emmalin... not so much. She's a little lazybones... but I'm NOT giving up on her! I'm falling asleep typing this so will add more details later. I do want to say that the c-section wasn't nearly as bad as I feared... though I wouldn't choose to do it again.
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Congratulations!! Twins are so much work, but so much fun!!
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Welcome Bria and Emmalin! Congrats!!
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Congrats on your twin girls! Great that you could go to 39+3 with twins, well done !
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Hooray for your big healthy girls! I love their names
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Congrats on your baby girls!!
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What beautiful names!!!! Congratulations!!!!
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Congratulations! I love the names!
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Congrats on your wonderful girls, beautiful names!
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Congrats!! how exciting to have two! Hoping they both do well in nursing. Love the names!
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Wow, big twins! You go, mama! Congrats
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Yay for healthy, hefty twins! Congratulations!
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Congratulations mama!! Welcome babies Emmalin and Bria!!
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So cute, thanks for sharing!
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