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Need DVD suggestions for mom on the edge of losing it

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typing one handed here...nursing.

i had a baby dd on 7/2. also have a 3 yr old ds.

we're closing on our house on 8/27 and need to be out by the 25th.

we can't close on the new house until 9/21 or later

we have to stay in a hotel for 4 + weeks

i'm packing all 5000 sq ft of this damn house myself as my babysitter hangs around w/ ds but dd is very high needs even for a newborn and I'm sleep deprived and moving sucks even when you're not one month post partum

we've been tv/movie free for some time as ds will be attending a walforf school 9/8....but I need a break in the afternoon/evening to cook and just zone out...

I have a brainybaby pack which I really like because they're calming and educational and don't have characters etc but ds is a little bored with them. any other educational dvd's out there? I think we need the next level up.
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seasame street is fun and educational.
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Baby signing time? Or even the signing time for older kids, though I think that might not be as entertaining for a 3 year old as the baby ones.
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I like Backyardagans because in all the episodes the characters are pretending to do things in their backyard and they feature different styles of music. Also Sesame Street is fun and educational.
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We like the scholastic series.
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Also big fans of the scholastic books on dvd.

Not dd here, but 3 y/o cousin really likes a lot of wildlife documentaries too.
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Magic School bus is fun.
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Ds loved the "Real Wheels" videos (There Goes a Garbage Truck/Fire Truck/Truck/Airplane/Train/Tractor/Bulldozer.....) They sell them on DVD now with 3+ per DVD.
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DD loves Little Bear and Max and Ruby --- both easy and inexpensive DVDs on Amazon. Lots of polite modeling and gentle plots.
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I second Little Bear - what a GREAT gentle show. It's really the only thing my DD ever requests to watch and I'm okay with it.
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My DS loves any documentary to do with animals. He was even downloading short clips off the net from National Geographic at around that age. Or if your son is into contruction or large vehicles you should check out "Mighty Machines". Its very informative and fun!
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Backyardigans, Blue Planet (my guy has been big on nature documentaries for a while), Land Before Time (dinos as well), Mighty Machines-though it's a Canadian series, not sure of it's availability in the US, my BIL loves watching this as well.
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Planet Earth, Little Bear (again), Word Girl, Dinosaur Train, Curious George, Veggie Tales . Some of these are PBS shows.

These seem to be the favorites of my daycare kids (they're normally tv free when they're here but on occasion, rainy day, or everyone's breaking down I'll pop in one of these dvd's)
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We've been netflixing Between the Lions, which is DD1's current fave. She also loves Dinosaur Train, also a PBS show.
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I really like Sid the Science Kid. I know the way it is animated freaks some people out, but I like that it goes beyond the usual numbers, letters and sharing educational content of most shows, and introduces real scientific content.
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little bear
pingu (not really "educational" but they speak in Penguiness so it requires a high level of imagination)
signing time
they might be giants, here come the abcs, 123 and here comes science
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Little Bear
Signing Time / Baby Signing Time
Clifford (Google "Clifford's Big Ideas" for the values it promotes)
Blues Clues
Sesame Street. Elmo's World if you can take the animation.
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The Muppet Show (first three seasons are on DVD)
Sesame Street Old School
The Scholastic collection

I can't stand most children's programming, but I can handle watching those over and over again.
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Classical babies
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