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Will the "Army Crawl" Evolve?

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DD is 7 months old. She has recently started "army crawling", basically pushing herself along with her forearms and dragging the rest of her body behind her.

Will this evolve into a normal crawl or do you think she'll scoot along forever? No matter how clean my floors are, her shirt always ends up dingy looking
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I didn't think my little one would ever crawl on hands and knees, he army crawled for a long time, I think from 6-9 mos, and he was already pulling up to stand when he finally figured out how to crawl on hands and knees. Then he started walking at 10 mos, so the hands and knees didn't last long. I think he liked the army crawl better than hands and knees for a while because he could hold something in his hand easier while he was scooting around with his forearm. And yeah, his clothes were always dingy looking, but I miss how he used to scoot around, it was so cute! And he couldn't reach so many things on my table and desk, like he can now. The phase will pass mama, either she'll figure out hands and knees, or butt scooting or something else or she'll just army crawl until she's ready to walk. Maybe you could make her a little apron out of a dish towel or something to wear at home to protect her outfits?
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My oldest army crawled & didn't crawl "normally" until after he was walking.
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Yeah, I've known plenty of kids who went from army crawling to walking; a lot of kids skip the hands-and-knees version.
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DD's been army crawling for about 2 months now, and I've just noticed this week that she's putting her feet flat on the ground and lifting her butt up in the air. I'm guessing she's about to transition to hands-and-knees crawling soon. That or she'll surprise me and start walking!
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ds did the army crawl until he turned one, then suddenly went to a "normal" crawl. He did not walk until 16 months. He got to where he needed to just fine. We do not wear shoes in our house and he seemed to stay clean, maybe that would help?
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My son started army crawling somewhere in his 8th month. He now crawls normally, but if he feels he really needs to get somewhere he will drop back down to the army crawl.
By chance do you have hardwood or tile? We do and I noticed that if we were at someone's house with carpet or in the grass he would crawl normally. It made me think that is why he was always army crawling around our house in the beginning.
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Army crawling will not be forever. My guy was like simkin's -on our hardwood he was army crawling, but on the carpet at g'mas, he was crawling. Since i usually havehim in pants or babylegs, the wood was slippery, where the carpet offered him traction.
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Lots of kids never did hands and knees crawling and turned out just fine. Why I personally just scooted along on my butt for a few months before getting up to walk.
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I honestly don't remember ds1 army crawling much, but ds2 definetly did, for like 2 or 3 months before he figured out the 'regular' crawl. Now he's thinking about trying to learn to walk at just over a year, but still mostly crawling everywhere
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I don't think dd really army crawled, but ds does. His has evolved to use his legs, like an alligator, and he CAN do hands and knees, but rarely does. He's almost 11 months and pulling himself up on things. Yes, his shirts are very dirty. but it will pass. I wouldn't trade his super-cute crawl for clean shirts.
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My ds army crawled from 5 months until he was 10 months old, which was a long time and worried me, but really he had to start sitting up on his own before he could do the hands and knees crawl (guess he needed the trunk strength). He started walking a day short of 13 monts, so he only hands and knees crawled a short time.
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My oldest army crawled from 7 to 10 months, then crawled on hands & knees. My youngest army crawled from 5-7 months, then crawled on hands & knees.
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