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Wet dipes waking up 7 week old...

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Hey Mamas...

So we were slow to start CD-ing. I just couldn't get the hang of it initially when DS was brand new. We've started doing half cloth/half sposies this week. Unfortunately, it seems that anytime DS falls asleep in a CD - he wakes up screaming once its wet. The first few times I thought it was a coincidence, but its been too much of a pattern now.

Now DS is a rather bad napper - he'd rather cat nap all day if I let him - but then beware by 6:00 p.m. So I'd rather he stay asleep, once asleep.

Sooo... any input? I have Bummis stay dry liners that I put in the prefolds. I've also been using Gdiapers and Gcloth. Everything says it wicks away moisture, but it seems so untrue!

They do seem very soggy. I really don't blame him for not liking the feeling on his little-man-parts.

Any ideas????
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I started DS in cloth at 3 months old. I started him with the gDiapers and gCloth. Same thing u say, very soggy. I finally made the switch to bum genius and love them. recently i have been having leaking problems but since he's older i think i just needed to add more doublers since he is urinating more. I think that issue is solved for now.

But to avoid buying new diapers at the moment i'll tell u what i did before switching sytems. I would take two of the cloth inserts and put one in with the fleece facing down and the other with the fleece up(on babys bottom). That really seemed to help. After a while i had issues with the plastic liners giving him really dry sensitive issues where the plastic would touch his thigh. I then switched to flip which i still love. Once he started DC i needed somthing fast and easy for them so i bought the BG AIO 3.0....I'm now adding to the stash with some BG OS 4.0 snaps. They're on order!! He will be full time at DC so i needed a few more.

Anyway i hope this helps Also, be sure u are air drying the plastic liners..i tumble dried one by mistake and had to throw it away because it would instantly leak.
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We use BumGenius 3.0 over night with no problems. Maybe try one of those?
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