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Hep B guidelines?

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My DD has been vaccinated up until the 5 year boosters, which I opted not to get right now. I already turned in her immunization records for kindergarten listing the shots she has had and I signed the exemption for the shots she doesn't have. They haven't said anything about it but in an informational letter I received today it says in bold letters:

"It is imperative that you have complied with the new guidelines on hapatitis B immunization. Please make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible if your child has not already started the series of hepatitis B shots. This is a requirement to enter kindergarten - there is no grace period."

What the heck is that about? I'm assuming this is a scare tactic because to my knowledge we are allowed exemptions in Colorado for any vaccine. Needless to say my DH is now freaked out saying I better get her vaccinated. Good grief. Yeah, in case she decides to have sex or get a tattoo with a dirty needle in kindergarten.

Does anyone know about this?
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Not farmiliar with CO, but FL allows exemptions too, and they do the scare tactics. Is it a form letter they sent out to all parents, or a personal letter just to you? If it's a form letter, and they've already accepted the exemption, I wouldn't worry about it. You've got your bases covered.
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Nearly always left out is "or have an exemption on file." This only applies if you do not have an exemption.

One day I checked my school's website and it said "no shots, no school"; the next day this was added

If you would like to obtain a vaccine exemption for reasons of conscience for your child please click here to get more information.
That is fairly rare though.
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Never experienced a scare tactic here in FL, but the local school board website does say "NO extensions, no exceptions! You will not be allowed to attend class on the first day of school without ALL required vaccines."

But if you read further, you will see that children moving into the district from out of area have 30 days to either have records transferred or get "caught up", and you will also see that this injunction does not apply to those who are exempt.
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