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Did your sbx or x

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ask for the jewelry he / she gifted to you back? Cause mine did! I was rofl at how rcrazy he is being. Whats your sbx/x asked for that was crazy?
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Just today I sold the first of the cheap stuff. (beaded necklace) I need to find the best place to sell my wedding ring and amethysT anniversary necklace.
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yup. and it was just an old watch. his grandfather gave it to him, with me there, and said to give it to the woman he was going to marry. he gave it to me two years later and i really like it but he asked it for it back. i was shocked and he said "what, i'm supposed to give it the woman i'm going to marry". we had only been separated maybe 4 months and 1 month before that had been talking about getting back together. i would not want to be the girl who gets that watch next after knowing someone else had it.
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can I share a bit on my grandpa and his recent split?

My grandpa was with a lady for oh goodness, a good 12+ years and recently after some other issues (mostly on her end from what I gather) they ended up broken up somehow. Well she kind of jumped off the deep end (stemming from other issues) and eventually called the police on my grandpa because he was unwilling to continue engaging her crazy requests.

She was asking for half used rolls of toilet paper, mostly empty jugs of milk... all sorts of random dumb crap. She called the COPS over a few sheets of TP :rofl
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I don't recall my ex asking me for any jewelery after I left him...... because he had never bought me any Okay, not totally true. He had bought me an engagement ring. I left that on the counter with the note telling him ds and I wouldn't be back
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Mine asked for the rings back. I told him to stuff it, those rings are going to my girls when they grow up.
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The only jewelry stbx bought for me were my engagement ring and a watch for my 30th bday. I think I ended up buying my wedding ring myself. But no, he hasn't asked for anything back...yet.
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LOL! DH is welcome to all & any jewelry that he ever gave me (if he wants it)... but what would he DO with it?? Give it to the "next one"? LOL!

I have a necklace, an almost non-existent pair of diamond stud earrings, and my engagement/wedding rings. My engagment ring broke about a year after we were married (band was too thin) - HELLO, foreshadowing!!!! - so it's been sitting in my jewelry box since then!!

I'm not too worried about him asking for any of it back, though... I'd like to give the earrings to my DD when she turns 16 and maybe I can give the diamond to DS for his future wife... even though he's not even 2 yet.
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Mine didn't, but I have his grandmother's wedding ring (was my engagement ring) set aside to give him at the time the divorce is finalized. It is a family heirloom and I am not going to keep that from his family.

He didn't give me anything else, and even I bought my wedding ring lol.
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Mine didn't ask for it back, but he listed it all in a document he filed with the court as reasons he shouldn't have to pay any spousal support, along with the fridge and king-sized bed.

No. Really.

I'm giving the jewelry to my girls when they're older, unless he plans to arrange a swap for the dual-bevel mitre saw I bought him.
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My ex very generously offered me what was then about 5% of the equity in the house, which we owned 50/50 He didn't ask for anything back, but he had 2 vehicles and about $30,000. worth of tools and equipment... he *really* couldn't demand some crappy dishes and furniture too!

The engagement ring was from my family... I gave it back to my mom after the split. She's FORBIDDEN from giving it to my daughter, I think it's cursed.
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My ex left for another woman. He moved in with her immediately after vacating our premises, immediately after handing me a Dear Jane letter.

A few days later, he asked if he could take the three new cookbooks he had bought me for my birthday two months previously.

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I usually just lurk here, as I'm not a single mom, but I have an ex-H (DS#1 father). A couple of weeks ago, he asked if I still had an old Palm Pilot from like 6 years ago. Hmmm... let's think this through...

1) I bought the Palm for school, back before we had smart phones to do everything for us.

2) I bought it with my money.

3) Ex-H thinks working is like Hershey Kisses- nice, but not really important. Ok if you got a job, but if you don't, well, no big deal. So, he doesn't work, he's not a student, lives with his mom and dad and new wife and new infant son. He doesn't have to manage any time or bills, as his wife is the one with the job and his parents pay all the living expenses. What in the world does he need a PDA for? And an extremely outdated PDA at that?

Whatever. I told him I'd look for it, although I'm about 95% sure I sold it years ago. I also told him that it's obsolete and he's probably have no programs or tech support for the device. And then I almost asked him what the heck he needed it for, thought better of it, and ended the conversation.

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I really think some men just lose their minds when it comes to divorce. Sbx is arguing about one of the rings he bought me over 10 years ago. That and he wants all the high quality furniture we bought together to furnish this house. Should be great cause he isn't going to have anywhere to put it all. He's in his parents spare bedroom the 3 days he's in this city. I've actually come to the point where I'm thinking most of this stuff isn't worth arguing over. he's welcome to it!
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hillymum...make sure that you get a fair market share of the coast of the furniture in the split. If he wants the stuff, let him have it, but you are entitled to half the actual costs of it.
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And if y'all had any tools, make sure you get half the value of those. You'd be surprised at how much saw horses and hammers cost!

My x didn't ask for any jewelry back but he did ask for the car *my* parents gave us. Sure. Whatever. Take it. I got the house and didn't have to give him any value for it. He refused to get a lawyer (or a job for that matter!) so he didn't contest what I proposed. He did get a college degree out of the marriage though so he came out pretty well.

I will say, at least where I live, there aren't any rules about how to split things up. So, if he'll agree with what you propose you don't nescessarily have to split everything 50/50. Best of luck!

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My wedding rings were worthless. My STBX did not like to spend money on me.

He did have his lawyer send a letter reminding me that I forgot to list my YARN under "marital property". Yep. Yarn. What a UAV. I was tempted to bag it up and throw it at his house.
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Lol, too funny
My ex would have asked for the engagement ring if I hadnt had the foresight to take it without asking. He did, however keep the box, the receipt, and all the diamond/carat documentation so that he could (attempt to) prevent me from selling it. In the end, it was ordered by the court in our finalized divorce papers that he had to return them to me. And it took him an additional 8 months after the order before he returned them to me.
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The only time this is ok is if it is a family heirloom.
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H doesn't want my wedding ring, but he also didn't want his, either . He left it behind when he moved out. I put it in a box of things for DS if he wants it when he's older.
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