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Travel During Twin Pregnancy

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What kind of travel restrictions (if any) did your OB impose on your twin pregnancy?

Before we knew we were having twins, we planned a weekend trip in October. DW will be 25 weeks at that point & I'm wondering if the trip is do-able. It's about 6 hours away via car.

I'm assuming we wont be going anywhere for Christmas this year (she'll be 34 weeks)!

Thanks in advance,

~ Sarah
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I just went on a trip at 18/19 weeks that was 9-10 hours driving on Day 1 and about 4-5 on Day 2. (Actual travel time varied due to having a toddler in the car with us.) My midwife had no problems, but gave me a copy of my prenatal record just in case. She said that having it would mean I wouldn't need it.

As long as she's having a healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy and you're both willing to stop often for her to walk around, I don't see why her OB would have a problem with it. I can understand not traveling after 30 weeks because of the PTL risk, but before then should be fine in my non-medical opinion.
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I think it really depends on how the pregnancy is going. I had no restrictions on travel or activity as long as I was doing OK and not having pre-term ctx/shortening cervix. I did get shortening cervix at around 26 weeks and went on modified bedrest (i.e. couch potato) for a week, but it lengthened again so I was taken off bedrest. Sitting in a car for 6 hours at 25 weeks sounds very doable to me -- it's not that different from sitting at home.

(FWIW I made a 14-hour flight to Asia at 20 weeks and back to US at 22 weeks and was fine...)
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im about to drive across country at 19-20 weeks and my doc and midwife has no issue with that. I am on track to fly from the east coast to Hawaii (split into two days of flights with a day of down time in-between) when i am 26 weeks. i haven't directly talked to anyone about it, but have mentioned it in passing and no one questioned me.
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