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What's on top of your fridge?

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Mine is so cluttered!

Box of ice cream cones, bag of potato chips, box of oatmeal, empty cookie tin, carpet cleaner, bag of pretzels.

I think I need to clear it off and put something decorative there (plant, maybe??) so we don't keep piling junk there instead.
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Microwave, box of magazines, boxes of cereal, and probably some other assorted junk.
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My massive "medicine" box.

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Phone books
Frontier catalogue
and quite a bit of dust
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I have a spice rack up there, and two decorative birds. It keeps me from setting things up there.
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3 boxes of Cheerios Oat Cluster Crunch (DH won't eat any other kind of cereal)
Flat of tinned cat food
Tupperware of cat kibble
2KG tub of chocolate flavoured whey protein (that's mine, LOL)
My empty lunch bag
an unused dog dish
and some greasy dust.

Gross. I should get a plant for up there too. Or at least a little cupboard or something to hide it all.
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Well, for the most part nothing . Its not that I am a very neat person or anything, its more that we don't really have the kinds of foods that end up on the top of the fridge.

Plus the kitchen has a ton of cabinets. I seriously love this kitchen.
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Lighter (for our gas stove burners)
Food processor
Tin of coins
Baking utensils that don't get used on regular basis
Ice cream maker
Dead cactus
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Our old calendar pages, as I tear one off I put it up there in case we need to look back. DH often adds phone numbers to it that we need. In a couple weeks I will give them to the kids to colour on as we have our new calendar starting.

Our cloth placemats

A rolling pin

A container I have forgotten to give back to MIL

and a couple other little things. But it is under a cabinet in the kitchen so not much can go there.
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Originally Posted by fruitfulmomma View Post
...assorted junk.
Originally Posted by EarthyMamaofDaisy View Post
...quite a bit of dust
Originally Posted by MsVyky View Post
...greasy dust.
Originally Posted by CatsCradle View Post
...Dead cactus
to all of these! Especially the dead cactus.
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We have a ton of cabinets, including two above the fridge, so there isn't usually much on top of it. I just looked, and there are a couple receipts and a lighter. When DH is home, his wallet and keys are on it, too (otherwise they risk getting lost or taken by a small child).
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Oversize box of Bisquick (thanks Costco) and the rice cooker.
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We have:
-A little white basket labeled "DH's Pockets" because he always dumps his pockets around the house but especially on the fridge and I decided to condense them.
-A round party tray with a lid filled with dried fruits and nuts, for snack / tea emergencies.
-A loaf of bread.

It took a lot to get to that point, and DH loves to put stuff up there but as far as I can tell, he is not deterred by ornamentation. Though I am now considering that.
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An ornate ceramic turkey that DS adamently refused to have put away last Thanksgiving....this is where we finally compromised as the turkey's roost.

...the automatic air freshener thingy. It's actually a bad spot for it, btw. I need to move it next time I get shot while rummaging through the freezer.

...a froo-froo bottle of lotion. I can't remember how it got there, but that's where it landed and that's where it's stayed.

...and the obligitory dust, I'm sure.
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An Ikea "folds flat" 100% wood wine rack....with 3 bottles of organic sparkling juice and 1 bottle of Sirah wine...it holds six bottles, though....

A wicker basket that holds lunch boxes and reusable snack bags. This basket is also the basket we use when we serve bread/rolls/whatever at dinner. I line it with a kitchen towel and cover the items to keep them warm. Shake outside and put it back.

That is usually all that is up there.

However, I found one of those massive boxes of precut foil pieces (for an incredible price) and it doesn't fit anywhere else, so it also lives on top of the fridge. U-G-L-Y! Hey, this thread has me thinking....I could cover that ugly box in pretty wrapping paper or artwork....
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a lunchbox, the toaster oven (which we rarely use and should get rid of) and our siggs.
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Pack of paper towels, box of capri sun, cookie jar, easter basket. Yeah, I think that easter basket can go now, lol!
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I have to respond to this because I'm proud of myself for doing better than I used to with that space.

I have a potted palm which is almost too tall to stay there much longer, and a basket that I use as a tray for magnetic spice cannisters. Used to have the spice cans stuck to my fridge, but they kept getting knocked off and spilling on the floor.

Just no one ask about pantry cupboards or basement storage rooms, please
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A giant stack of egg cartons (we save them to give to the people that we get our eggs from) and 4 bottles of vitamins. And plenty of dust, cause I'm short
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Ahhh, see, this is why folks extend those over the fridge cabinets out to meet the front of the fridge now. We're redoing our kitchen right now (IKEA, and we're doing most of the work oursleves). Our new over the fridge cabs are 24inches deep so that only gives us 6 inches to clutter since the fridge is 30 inches. We wanted to have it all boxed in, but couldn't quite manage. Hopefully we'll actually use the cabinets instead of cluttering things up. Our previous fridge had a lot of junk up there. There was a giant tin of assorted dog stuff—treats, meds, doggy toothpaste, etc; a kerosense lamp; various papers (usu something that fell off the fridge); and I don't really remember what all else, but it was definitely a clutter magnet.
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