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As far as was she concernedd umm no.. Margaret has actually always been a "good" baby in that sense when she came to see the baby at 3 weeks she was a calm baby and baby that was already naturally sleeping at least 5-6 hour stretches at night who was happy and content most of the day and who even tollorated the arm of others as long as mama was close.. I have quite easy going kids...

My MIL however is nuts.. I could go on forever in the stupid insulting and belittling ways she likes to intrude onto our lifes..

Yeah... that's what I wrote... a long backstory with your MIL.
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I normally don't get asked if he's good; rather people say "he's such a good baby!" I just say thanks. Usually in the context, they are commenting on how cheerful and easygoing he is; he doesn't mind being passed around to various people, still at 9 months.

I do get asked the STTN question, and I say, we sleep well. I also say, well we are nursing, so he usually eats at least once at night. but yes, we all get plenty of sleep.

Now people are asking when we are having #2, and I am like, geez, he is only 9 months old people!! and seriously, there is only so much control I have over that anyway.
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Well, I'm on baby #3 and I would consider her my only "good" baby. She only wakes once or twice a night for about 5 minutes of nursing, and is rarely fussy during the day or night. Compared to my boys who would scream for no reason for half an hour or more, and had to be latched on ALL.NIGHT.LONG, she's awesome. Of course I love them all and thankfully, they're big kids now who sleep all night in their own beds and rarely cry for no reason, but I'm not going to pretend all babies act the same! No one's asking "Is she good or evil?" they're just asking "Is she easy?"
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Is anyone else thinking, this is a fascinating piece of evidence for people studying linguistic and cultural shifts related to guilt and shame cultures? I do!
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