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I have been/ am easing into the vibrams but to my advantage I think is I spend a LOT of time barefoot.

I looked again at the program and think I am on wk 3- as I had been doing 400 m runs this past month.
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ROFL....I can't believe I didn't notice it didn't say "5M". Derrr, Danielle. How embarrassing. That's better yet, though, I'm sure I could do 3 miles!

I didn't get started tonight, unfortunately. My husband had to go to worship band practice and I wasn't able to get on the treadmill with my daughter, lol. It was cool outside so we went for a brisk 1 mile walk instead (wore her in the Beco). I'll have to start my journey this weekend instead...boo! But maybe I'll get a chance to go to the shoe store and find an actual pair of RUNNING shoes, I know that's important.
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May I join in? I am currently at Week 2, Day 1 and reintegrating myself back to running after a 15 month hiatus. I injured myself doing a trail race in May 2009 and am just now trying to get back to it. Amazing how much fitness I have lost.... . Anyway, I'm enjoying the little bit of running I get to do with this program and am busy looking for a 5K race to do toward the end of October.
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Of course you are welcome, Kristina!!!
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Originally Posted by bec View Post
A dingo by any other name is still a runner.
I'm lurking in this thread but I want to point out that the Dingos are almost at their/your fifth anniversary...
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After a week of resting my stubborn ankle and shin area, I cranked out W8D3. I can honestly say that although it was frustrating and scary to wait - worried I would give up all together - it was a good idea to do so. My run felt SO much better today.

Sunday is my first organized run. A 2 mile. I expect to be slow, but I am looking forward to crossing that finish line. Nervous!!
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I did week 4 day 1 yesterday and it was tough to jump to a five minute run but I made it.. My shins are tingling a bit today and my knees feel it a bit. i would love to go two days between runs this week, but I am registered for a 5k tommorow. I will be walking a lot of it, but that is ok. I am not doing any exercising at all today and just resting my legs for tommorow.
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Good luck Corrie!!!!

lmbjer - I'm glad you are feeling better for the rest! Good luck with your 2 miler!!!
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I did week 1 day 1 yesterday. Half in Vibrams, half barefoot. Barefoot felt way better! I tried starting on Tuesday and couldn't do it, but I think I was trying to run too fast so I repeated day one. I am using the app on my iPhone.
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Good luck on your runs, lisa and corrie, and can't wait to hear how they go! Lisa-i know what you mean about taking time off, i hate to do it too, so worried the motivation will go away, but it does help when injured!

I was so looking forward to my 20 min today and trying out my vibrams, but DH had to work early so I took DS for a walk in the mei tai instead. I'm now thinking I should have gotten a different pair-I have the KSOs and my ft got so hot! Kim, what pair do you use? What did you run on barefoot?
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Another thought on the vibrams is to make sure you body glide your feet, to help prevent any chafing and blisters forming!
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I have the Sprints I think. I wear the toe socks w/ them to prevent any blisters. I try to watch the form as well although when walking I have a tendency to drag I don't do that so much running and I try to keep a forefront strick.
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I ran barefoot on a paved trail. About to go do W1 D2 and feeling weary already! Haha!
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You can do it kimya! Have a great run!

I just completed week 4. I'm really excited. I'm feeling stronger and faster than ever before!
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I just did my W2D1 run. I did all of my running intervals at 5mph, which I'm pretty happy about since my top speed on W1D1 was 5.1.

So, uh, does this thing actually work so that you can run for 30 minutes straight? I'm not sure I think it will work.
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It's a leap of faith the first time around, but yes, it does work! I did it for the first time, 3.5 years ago, and went on to run a ton of 5ks, several half marathons, and a full marathon. Then, a broken leg, and now doing it again to get back into running!
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So I did my first 5k. Only 4 weeks into the program. I kind of paced myself behind a similar runner and finnally after a mile talked to her and asked if I could run with her. She was on week 8 of couch to 5k. I think we helped eachother make it. We finished almost last at 40 minutes, but we were both proud of ourselves.
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Awesome Corrie! The big thing is that you finished! I am planning on doing a 5 k in 4 weeks myself. I ran last night for 20 minutes. I had a 1 min walk in the middle but I was ok, could have went longer if I wanted although I was certainly sweating. I am feeling more confident that I might be able to actually run the whole 5 k and I thought I would likely be walking most of it. I am doing interval running this week and some hill sprints tonight and going to try another longer run next weekend.
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Way to go, Corrie!!!
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corrie- Awesome! How are you feeling today? any soreness?
loveneverfails-it works and it feels great!

I'm starting w6 tomorrow. I wish I could sign up for a 5k soon but am planning to move so guess I should wait and will live vicariously through the rest of you that are
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