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laparoscopy and hsg experiences

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I'll be having both done at the same time and they will not only be doing the lap through my belly button/pubic hair line but also one through my cervix to snoop around my uterus.

i'll be knocked out obviously, but am sort of curious about what to expect in terms of recovery? anything to be aware of (I've heard about the gas bubbles that get trapped in your sternum and shoulders) but like, will I have vaginal bleeding or blue dye or lots of abdominal pain. and I was only under general once for my wisdom teeth as a teen and I don't believe I had a breathing tube so I'm sort of wondering what my throat might feel like afterwards.

any experiences with have both (or all three I guess) being done at once?
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I don't recall having a breathing tube the way I did with my jaw surgery. I had an HSG by itself and didn't have hardly any dye leak out. Same when it was repeated with my lap. I did have some vaginal bleeding but not much. The gas pains can be pretty comfortable. Both of my sisters have had laps and warned me to not try and lay flat. I spent the first few nights in our recliner with a heating pad. My recovery time was about three days. Good luck!
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thanks leslie
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The hsg is nothing. Don't even concern yourself about that part.

How old are you?

My first lap was when I was about 20. No problem! Recovery in a day.

My second was when I was 35. Ouch! Longer. Almost 5 days before I felt myself again. I was just achy and tired. Not a ton of pain, just lethargic.

I never had gas bubble trouble. I tried to not be flat and drank a ton of fluids. They say both things really help.

I also didn't bleed much with any of the procedures but YMMV with that. Bring your own pad, hospital pads are yucky. Also, bring very large, very comfy clothes (including undies!) - your abdomen will be quite bloated and anything tight fitting will be uncomfortable. It can take a few days for that to go down.
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christy: that was very helpful. Im 28. good to know about the bloating lasting a few days and the tips to hopefully avoiding the gas bubbles. no breathing tube for you? I actually don't know if I 'll have one or not, just assumed I would if I was knocked out...
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they will put a breathing tube in if they knock you out completely. I am 28 now, and had my third laparoscopy (this time to remove edometriosis) last year. It took about 4 days for me to be able to get through the day normally. The pain was a little intense directly after I woke up, but nothing an extra pain pill couldn't fix.
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as for the gas bubbles.....I was just sore in the ribs and shoulder area from being inflated, but not really a big deal.
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thanks veronicam

its really helpful to know that this is pretty common place and not a huge deal. I had the feeling it wasn't but I've never had ANYTHING done so its pretty new for me.
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HSG Test

I recently had an HSG test and wanted to mention that my period the following month was gnarly. Lots of clots, heavy bleeding, etc. And, none of that is normal for me.

I called the nurse at the drs office and she said that it wasn't the HSG that caused the wonky period, but when I mentioned it to the dr. a week later he said that its normal to have that after an HSG...that it probably irritated my uterine lining. Nice.
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I was just coming here to ask about the HSG. I will be having one soon and I was worried about it. I have had two ectopics and want to see how my one remaining tube is doing *send open vibes if you can* I have had a sonohystogram before though. It is similar to the HSG but it uses saline solution and ultrasound (sonography). It caused cramping when the saline was in but otherwise I didn't notice anything. Many people have cramping afterwards as well and the doctor recommended over the counter pain meds before and after the procedure. I did neither.

I have had a lap done though (ectopic that ruptured). It was done under general and no breathing tube. I had 3 IVs in for different reasons (one was the anesthetic). In the recovery room, I was freezing and I had tons of blankets from the warmer all over me. They didn't want me out of bed right away and I had to pee, so I got a catheter. This was when I was 24 and recovery was quick. The next day, the nurses hesitated, but I wanted out of bed, I wanted to use an actual toilet and walk a bit. Once I was up, I didn't want to go back to the bed. They discharged me and at home I was getting stuff for people who were home with me. I did have to pay more attention to bending or twisting. I was also nursing my daughter at the time so I just took extra care of anything putting pressure on the incisions. After a day or two, I was back to normal. Nothing with gas bubbles though. But my abdomen was pretty distended due to the blood that had pooled. I agree with loose fitting clothes though. I was definately pj pants for a few days because I didn't want more pressure on the incisions.

They did prescribe me oxycodone (which I didn't take at all and simply returned to the pharmacy) and stool softners, which I didn't like.
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thanks ladies.... all this info is very helpful.... hope I can schedule it for next month... but not holding my breath.

nice to know I don't need to be stressed about it
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