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Christmas ornaments for twins?

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Every year we get each child a special Christmas ornament. Usually we try to reflect their interests, something big that happened that year, etc. Sometimes they're homemade and sometimes they're bought. Anyone have a good idea or source for the twins' first Christmas ornament? I'm going to generally avoid being too matchy-matchy (especially since they're boy-girl twins) but I don't have a problem with a matched set for the first Christmas.
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We do the christmas tree ornament to each child every year too! My mom did it for me and my siblings growing up and those combined with a few ornaments I've picked up over the years make a beautiful, memory filled tree for me every year. For all of our dc's first Christmas they got an ornament that had a spot available for them to have their name and year. So my boy/girl twins each got one of those. I can't remember exactly what they are but we have a local Christmas store that has tons of ornaments and I picked them up there. I'm pretty sure one is pink and one is blue
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When my twins were born someone gave us ornaments for each. They were ceramic mittens on a ribbon, with a place to write name/date on them. They're cute. We've also had photo holder ornaments that look nice.

My mother has two lockets on her tree from when me and my sister were small. Those are really neat-- not real ornaments, but they look nice on the tree.
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Not exactly what you asked for, but I have to share. I took the girls' first Santa photo and put it in a little ornament frame I found at Michael's. It says "Our First Christmas" on it. I realized weeks later that it's clearly meant for newlyweds (it's white) but it's *perfect* for twins. Can't hurt to look!

ETA: just found a photo

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