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ultrasound frequency/TTT question

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Hi all. I am 26 weeks pregnant with Mono/Di twins. My OB has recommended ultrasounds every 2 weeks from now on to watch for twin-to-twin transfusion. So far babies are exactly the same size. I have already have been having ultrasounds every three weeks since 18 weeks pregnant and feel torn inside about what to do. I have some reservations about the frequency of the ultrasounds and I don't really understand if the actual risks of ultrasound. I also realize that twin-to-transfusion is a serious thing and don't want to be irresponsible and ignore the benefits of technology. Any advice or others experience with TTT/ultrasounds and Mono/Di twins.
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That's tricky. I have heard possible problems with u/s, and TTTS is pretty rare. But you're 26 weeks along. That means maybe 6 more u/s. Yes, that's a lot, but IMO worth it for mono-di twins.

It's worth thinking about. Read about what you'd do if you found TTTS. I know there's some sort of laser surgery. And if you're far enough along, you could deliver early.

You might consider u/s every 2 weeks after 34 weeks. That way if you found TTTS, you could deliver early without being toooooo premature.

Try not to get too worried. Impossible, huh? Most mono-di twins do very well.
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