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Single Mom Midwives

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I know you're out there! I'm a newly single mama of two with a calling to midwifery. Tell me how you do it. How do you manage your apprenticeships/schooling/practice?

I'm in need of some inspiration. I know it can be done. I just need to hear from some mamas who have done it. PM me if you're more comfortable.

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I am a single mom to two daughters, 13 and 9 1/2. I am also a doula along with other birth related jobs. my older daughter is old enough to babysit daytime, I have an on call nanny who is available 6 pm to 8 am. I pay a monthly retainer to have her on call, and then an hourly rate for every hour she is at my house.

It is hard to juggle but works well!

good luck!
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Thank you so much for your response, Sharon! It's so helpful to hear how other mamas do it.

I've been doing some searching and think that I will probably pursue the path of a CBE and doula for the time being. My youngest is only 2 and life is long, right?

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Hey there! I am a single mama and am just starting my apprenticship. I was studying midwifery when i got pregnant with ds and now that he is 4 I am feeling ready to dive in.

How I am planning on doing it.....

I get no child support right now so I really can only depend on myself for financial stuff.

working as a nanny to support myself financially, the family I work with is going to try and be flexible with me being on call. Also, the birth center I will be at has opportunites to make extra money doing postpartum work.

For childcare I have a pretty big support system. My mom lives somewhat close, and I have a very helpful best friend who is going to help me out too along with a list of other friends to call when in a pinch.

It can be done, but I totally understand your worry. Let me know if you ever want any more advice or support!
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Thanks for the inspiration, Ferra! I'm not getting much in the way of financial help from my ex either, so it helps to know how others get by.

Are you doing your apprenticeship through NCM or another midwifery school or just directly with the midwives at the birth center?

I guess it varies from child to child, but 4 sounds like a pretty good age to get into it. With my youngest being so little I think I need to wait a bit before getting into the nitty-gritty of all-nighters and extended periods away from home. In a couple of years my oldest will even be able to babysit!

Good luck with your apprenticeship, Ferra! Thanks again for your response. I may want to pick your brain again soon....
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