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Recomendation for pregnancy journal?

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I am looking for a journal where I can write down my thoughts and feelings about pregnancy, and record our experiences as the months progresses. Do any of you know of a pregnancy journal that is a bit crunchy?

In many of the ready-made-journals there are lots of references to doctors visits and hospital births and such that are not so relevant for me as I am planning a natural pregnancy and a home birth.

I could go for a blank journal of course, but I would love to know if any of you know of one that might be what I am looking for?
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I just went for blank journals with a cover that I really liked. I had one for my daughter and I just recently bought one for this baby. For me that worked the best because I don't really care for the ones that have a bunch of pre-written stuff in them. Borders has TONS of really cool things if you have one near you I would suggest checking them out. They may even have something more along the lines of what you are looking for and not just blank.
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I bought one by Anne Geddes called "My Pregnancy Journal" and one of the reasons I bought it is because it has pages that say "Doctor/Midwife visit" so I liked that it included midwives! It also has a page that says something like, "Where I would like to have my baby." I don't think I have seen any direct references to hospitals like "Hospital that the baby was born in" and it also seems very natural childbirth friendly - exploring feelings about labor and such. I wasn't sure about it at first and then I thought, "What am I thinking? I'm probably not going to find another journal that has "Midwife visits" in there!!!! I've really enjoyed filling it out so far.
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I was just thinking about this. Last time I used the What to Expect journal as it was a gift from a friend. I like that it had the pages marked as to what week you were and gave you descriptions of what the baby was like (size wise and development). It did, obviously, talk about doctors and hospitals though.

I'll have to look for the Anne Geddes book!
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