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Who gets your stuff?

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Mostly the goodwill. Anywhere else requries too much effort.... goodwill is close and easy.
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Goodwill here, too - it's the only thrift store we have. Schools and churches will has yard sales sometimes, I just never get stuff ready on time. Goodwill is easy b/c DH or I can just pull up to the back of the donation center and the employees there will grab the bags of clothes or whatever we are dropping off.
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Ditto Goodwill. There are two drop-off sights close to where we live, so it works out well.
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I used to live very close to a Good Will so most things went there. Now it's a little farther, and I'm finding Freecycle really convenient. I typically post things in large lots and leave the bags on the step for the person who will be receiving.
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I found a consignment store that outfits women from abusive relationships with stuff from the store first. Such as clothes, or if they move out on their own, they will help them get furniture and home stuff. The rest of the stuff is sold and any money earned goes to the support the local womens shelter. It feels so good to donate there!
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I used to give our used stuff to the cancer federation but they weren't reliable around here. I found the Vietnam veterans pickup service hat is super reliable and have a super quick turn around time. I will Dmir I haven't some very much research h about the foundation... I was just worried about decluttering!
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Absolutely anyone that will take it.
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I mix it up:

St. Vincent de Paul drop box
Vietnam Vet pick up (these get sold to Savers, in case you were wondering pp)

I bring a lot to a local children's resale shop and get some cash or store credit.

Trash the junk
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i would divide it based on charity. the local shelter got anything that they could use: old towels, bath mats, anything that could be used to store food and supplies, etc. a local ministry (similar to salvation army, but also ran shelters and work programs) would get whatever i couldn't auction off, but was too good to toss. and then anything worth anything, i would send to the auction house for auction.

now, i don't own anything, so, i have nothing to give away.
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1. sell on ebay anything that has a very good chance of selling
2. Some kids clothes and toys sold to local 2nd hand store
3. remaining clothes and bedding to the Smith Family charity.
4. Some toys given to a neighbour
5. Remaining toys, books etc to St Vincent de Paul
6. I have put aside some special toys and books for future potential grandchildren, but I may reassess this later.
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ARC does pickup, so I call them with big things, or when I do a major purge.

Goodwill is very close to my house, so if I have just a bag or a box, I'll take it there myself.
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Old furniture and big stuff usually goes out to the road. We live on a main street so its almost always picked up within a day.

Kid clothes are given to my daycare kids if they are within a few sizes too big

Everything else goes to the church rummage sale. They have a few each year and store stuff in the barn of one of the members in the meantime. I pass their house fairly regularly so its easy to drop it off and get it out of the house asap.
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Where we used to live there was a thrift shop that would leave notices when they would be in the area to pick up, and there was a women's shelter that had a thrift shop that would pick up. I prefered the women's shelter b/c they said that they allowed their clients to select things they wanted or needed first.

Now I can't find anyone who picks up so we've been taking box loads to the Goodwill truck.
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It just really depends for instance I used to live close by to a goodwill so they were always "on my way" somewhere so they got the bulk of my things. But now that its a long drive the bulk of it goes to a charity that makes monthly pickups in my neighborhood. So I usually have a box that I keep for this specific purpose and as I come across things in the month I put it there and when I get the notice I set outside curbside. If I do a lot of cleaning or decluttering I may make a specific trip to the goodwill.
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Sometimes Freecycle, if I feel like posting and communicating with people about picking it up.

Often the St. Vincent dePaul box. It's realllly close.

Unique Thrift Store - it's my favorite place to shop, so I like to support them. (Plus, I dropped some stuff off today and they gave me a $2 coupon!)
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I'd like to garage sale it but I have no tables or way to get them & right now I just want everything GONE. So I call the Salvation Army, since they have a pick-up & I have no car right now.
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We have had a couple garage sales where we made pretty decent money and then took the leftovers to goodwill. I will occasionally goodwill things from time to time. Or if friends/family want something then it is theirs. Have also done a lot of freecycle.
Right now I am listing on craigslist. I want to list a few things on ebay.
My goal is not to have any more stuff we don't use/need. I love that feeling of not having a lot of stuff.
We have made HUGE strides in this goal, particularly in the past few months. I see the end in sight, but it is more difficult to get there when you want $ for the items (craigslist, ebay) as it takes more work.
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We have a place on base called "The Airman's Attic." Basically, you can go in and get a certain amount of items each month FREE. It has clothing, appliances, kitchen stuff, etc... So, all of my stuff goes there.
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The Lupus Foundation picks up from my front porch about every 6 weeks. There's also a Veteran's organization that picks up. Between the two of them we get pickups a little more than once a month, and we usually have more stuff by then. I recently turned down the Veterans because their latest pickup is only 5 days after the Lupus Foundation's, and LFA called me first.

I used to bring items to a local thrift store when I went shopping, but somehow I got onto the list for these two organizations who pick up, and I find that a lot easier.

Bulky items get offered on Freecycle, especially things like mattresses that organizations can't accept due to sanitary concerns.
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