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I tried stepping on the scale with Mercy and doing the math to see how much she weighs. She's coming in at 15.6 lbs, according to my bathroom scale. Just over 3 months old over here.

And we are celebrating 89 days out of NICU today!
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I got distracted and sewed a dress instead. I freehanded it and WAY screwed up the size - it's for like an 8lb baby, not my 16lb gigantic one.

The baby woke up, pooped on me, got a sink bath, and is giggling at the rug pattern...I'm scared to pick her up and break the spell...
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Originally Posted by loveneverfails View Post
I tried stepping on the scale with Mercy and doing the math to see how much she weighs. She's coming in at 15.6 lbs, according to my bathroom scale. Just over 3 months old over here.

And we are celebrating 89 days out of NICU today!
we've been out 146 days
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I'm not it for the bedazzled birth stool Yay!!!!

I have no idea what R's official weight is. I weigh her on our scale. I know she's gaining but it has slowed way down. Right now she's 17, birth weight was 8.9. She seems plenty chunky to me
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V is about 15 lbs. His gain has definitely slowed, but his legs seem chunkier every day. I'm thrilled to have no idea what "percentile" he is. I always knew exactly what it was with DD... and what was the point?

Ericka, LNF, and Jen, I am so happy for you guys that the NICU stays of varying lengths are all OVER!

Coming in late to the bumbo discussion-- my DS also poops frequently in his, but I view that as a good thing (maybe I'm wrong?) In fact, sometimes if he hasn't pooped in a day and seems grouchy, I'll put him in for a while to see if he poops. He often does and is MUCH happier.
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Sprout has decided to start sitting unassisted for long stretches of time! I love looking at him sitting up -- he looks like a totally different baby!

Yea to those who only saw one line!

137 days out for us. Whoo! And still no records.... We have to go in tomorrow at 10am and pay A DOLLAR A PAGE to get copies.

LNF -- How, exactly do you DO it with 5 kids?! I have 2 kids and a husband home during the week, and I can't accomplish nearly as much as you!
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When I read you guys were going to take pregnancy tests I had a moment. I still cannot figure out how people do this baby thing with another kid! Glad to hear you're safe, for now... mwahahah!

So, my little man just broke a tooth through today! I had no idea. I was checking for bumps and white spots but didn't see anything. DH said he felt something this morning, sure enough! He has been chewing on people quite a bit lately. And this could explain the HORRIBLE sleep last night that resulted in DH staying home from work for a few hours this morning to give me a chance to get some actual sleep.

I am excited and dismayed. I am not ready for the gummy smiles to go away
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Jen, it's the learning curve largely. By the time you are at 5 kids spaced as closely as mine are (my oldest turns 8 this October), you will either have learned to adapt or you will be an utter disaster. There's not much in between. I just do 3 things at once, so that my oatmeal is cooling while I'm doing the dishes while the coffee pot is running. That way I have breakfast, coffee and a running dishwasher inside of 10 minutes. It's those shortcuts that you only figure out from having to manufacture time out of nowhere.

Add in that I'm still 25, so the energy level of someone in her mid 20s, and have never had a high needs infant, and am the oldest of 8 kids myself and this is not much of a struggle. Honestly it was harder for me at 2 kids than it is now at 5.
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LNF, I'm taking notes.

I got so addicted to peeing on sticks when I was TTC Ada. I still want to buy a bunch and pee on them, even though we're using the oh so reliable pulling out method and of course I can't be pregnant. But seriously I can tell by just checking my cervix that I am not at all fertile right now.

My only sadness would also be the tank in supply, that worries me. I would be heartbroken!
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Jen - what a cutie!! We have the exact same exersaucer residing in our living room as well right now.
I got word tonight that a friend of ours who has been trying to adopt is on her way (with her husband!) to meet a baby girl and possibly bring her home! I am so excited for her, my heart has been beating a little faster all night! I've been pumping milk for her since DD2 has been born and I'm so excited to hand over my stash to her.
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Thanks, LNF! Be 25 again. Got it!
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Originally Posted by Pepper44 View Post
LNF, I'm taking notes.

I got so addicted to peeing on sticks when I was TTC Ada. I still want to buy a bunch and pee on them, even though we're using the oh so reliable pulling out method and of course I can't be pregnant. But seriously I can tell by just checking my cervix that I am not at all fertile right now.

My only sadness would also be the tank in supply, that worries me. I would be heartbroken!
Yep, that's my biggest concern. If I found out I was pregnant right now, I would be excited about a sister for DD or brother for DS... but I would worry about the toll on my body and especially milk supply.

Originally Posted by jenfl View Post
Thanks, LNF! Be 25 again. Got it!
Seriously, LNF, that is amazing. And you have an eight year old?!
I'm 26, and I definitely did not make any artisanal bread today. I read a recipe, though, and thought about how much I would LIKE to make artisanal bread. That's about as far as it usually goes for me.

Toys: DS loves his rings and stuffed animals small enough for him to suck on the paws... but his favorite toys are DD's dolls It only makes sense, since babies love other babies and faces... MIL joked one time that my FIL would "buy him a truck if he saw him playing with those dolls," () and I think the ensuing, stony silence bought me at least a few months without further comment.

Does anyone here read SouleMama's blog? There was a post this week about her son sewing his own pair of pants, and they were good looking! He seems like such a free, unencumbered spirit. I want that for both of my children.
link: http://www.soulemama.com/soulemama/2...tsolittle.html
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I'm not 25 (no where close hehe) but I find four way way easier than I did two or even one. It is very much an adapt or be swallowed. I had to laugh LNF about your morning routine because that's what I do as well. Dishes while I wait for coffee. I pump while my oatmeal cools though. Now I don't make bread and my house is a mess but I homeschool and work....

As for pregnancy: I would like five but not now. I LOVED being pregnant with R and I LOVED her birth but there is a lot going on here. I think one should be able to provide for all their kids and we're not in a place where we could do that for another one. Plus the milk thing too, and I want R to have her own special baby period. Even if she doesn't remember it I will.

MMP: I loved that blog entry. I need to read some more of her blog. This is very much what I want for my children and I think we've mostly done it. Umberto is such a sweet kid who seems well rounded emotionally. I see so many boys damaged by stereotypes and I hate to see that happen to him. My girls are fierce so I'm not as worried about them:P
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Argh, every time I think sleep is getting better, it falls apart. Last night I had a gig and so was gone till 9:30 - then babycakes was wide awake until 11:15! And she still managed to wake up nearly every hour to nurse or wiggle or something... and then was up for the morning at 9. Now she's fussy and we're off to the pediatrician for a check up and shots... Yikes! Not looking forward to the rest of the day.
She went from sleeping 5 hour stretches to maybe 2 in the last few weeks... no tooth bumps yet... just new skills I think?
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so glad you guys aren't prego! ericka??

we THOUGHT we wanted a second kid (not sure now, w/ the pre-e scare looming), and if we do it would be pretty soon, i'm turning 37 in a few weeks. i would be really devastated to lose my milk supply too, and i want to nurse charlie for as long as he wants to.

sme, is there some secret to keeping up your supply while pregnant? can't remember if others of you have nursed through pregnancy. are some women bodies just more able to than others? i'd pump and take suppliments if i thought it would help if i were to get pregnant before charlie is finished nursing.

charlie was 4lbs 7oz at birth, and he's about 14 lbs now (13lbs 11oz two weeks ago). i can't remember his 2 month weight, but he's on the 25th% curve for weight and was then too. mpp, so glad you are freeeeee
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Aww, Mater - I know how you feel about teaching. It's in my blood and I am happiest when I am teaching too.

danielle - glad the amazon prime tip helped you out. I am way excited about that!

babies staring at food - add dani to the club... staring very intently and almost grabbed DHs pastry from him yesterday! she had a good grip on the wrapping and DH was laughing until he realized he was going to have to pry it out of her hands to get it back LOL

rhi - i found a very cheap probiotic - don't know if its really any good, but its cheap!

sleep - DD wants to go to bed by 7:30 is usually. I try not to wait until she's overtired and today she was getting fussy and we both just laid down with all lights off and i hugged her littl earms down and she passed out without nursing! DS never did that I don't think. Here's hoping I'll have a good sleeper, but don't want to jinx myself LOL. During the day her patterns can be off. But Maybe that'll change not that she has a regular DCP.

going back to work - and of course, DD refused all bottles all week from DCP. Bless the DCP's heart, she is very understanding, but she's going to have to start taking her bottles!!!

weight - went to 4 mo appt and DD is 14 10 with a cloth diaper and 25.5. went to wic days later (prbably our last appt since I'll start getting a paycheck in about a month or more) and she was only 14 1 (without diaper) and 24.5 in?? weird. LOL

pregnancy - wow - i think i've only had sex 2x in 4 months LOL. not me! but hey, if you guys are game for it, you just do your thing, but not me! I have my hands full & am so paranoid about that kind of thing! My sister and my grandmother & my uncle all had opps babies.
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Got Sprout's hospital records today.

Side note: they made this annoying and frustrating, as well. Difficult to make an appointment, refusing to let DH wear Sprout while reviewing the record, charging $1 a page.

Fine. Whatever. DH reviewed the record, we chose to get 11 pages of it.

It totally backs up our feelings that our NICU stay was completely unnecessary.

The ER visit -- we had no problems with that. What they did was completely appropriate. They charted it as Transient Tachypnea of the Newborn (TTN) and sent us to be monitored in the transition nursery. That was what we expected when we went to the hospital -- be monitored until his rate dropped, then go home. (The reason to go is that a respiratory rate that high could tire out a tiny baby and cause him to need a boost of oxygen.)

Overnight, in the transition nursery, his chart shows that his respiratory rate was dropping and was approaching normal levels (from 100+ down to the low 70s, where 70 is the cut-off for tachypnea).

Morning is where things went pear-shaped. We were passed off to the peds resident, a first year. Tachypnea for greater than 24 hours is a criteria for further work-ups. Sprout was, at this point, just barely past 24 hours old, and the resident felt that this qualified him. We argued then that his tachypnea hadn't lasted that long -- it didn't appear until 8 hours after birth. She argued that he was older than 24 hours, so he needed testing to rule out sepsis (!) and antibiotics until the cultures came back clean.

He had NO symptoms of sepsis (difficulty breathing, increased heart rate, lowered or unstable temperature, weak suck, jaundice). We had no complications which can lead to sepsis (premature rupture of the membranes, membrane rupture for an extended length of time, bleeding problems, a difficult delivery, infection in the uterus or placental tissues, fever in the mother). All of the charting reflects that he was a healthy, full-term baby who was just breathing a little fast. (There is the lovely part where they don't believe me about my HIV status, etc, and use that as an excuse until they chart, just a couple hours later, the arrival of my midwife's records from my pregnancy.)

This is when they started implicitly threatening to report us if we didn't agree to treatment.

We finally gave in and were transferred to the NICU. His stats in the NICU are all just at or just below the cut-off for tachypnea until the cultures came back clean and they let us go 3 days later.

I've mostly forgiven myself for what happened. Looking back, I don't know that there was much I could have done differently. I was a mess physically and emotionally. We were being railroaded and had little to no access to information and resources to make a call on our own. We had the threat of "risk management" hanging over our heads and the uncertainty of insurance payment if we left AMA.

I think, now, the most frustrating part is that there's no way to let that resident know that she made a bad call. I want to point out that there was no basis for it, to tell her what happened after she signed off and what a mess it made. There's no recourse for over-treatment, and it's infuriating.
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wait, why wouldn't they let him wear sprout?
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Jen What a bunch of baloney. Argh!

LNF - I'm glad AND disappointed at the same time that I didn't have my kids younger. (I'm 32) But I think mostly glad. Our friends are also just now starting their families, so it's a good time. I bet the energy would be nice, though...

AFM - NEWS FLASH - T slept 7 hours all by himself last night. The longest stretch before that was 5 hours about 2 months ago!! I am trying not to hope it happens again, becuase I hate being disappointed.

All naps now have to happen in the Mei Tai. I tried again today to nurse him down, and he just struggles and whines in the swaddle. I get SO FRUSTRATED with him because I know he needs to nap, and mintues after he's in the MEi Tai, he's out. My back is KILLING me. But I should be grateful that he now naps well SOMEwhere and that I no longer feel anxious that he's not getting enough sleep. Of course, now he's not sleeping as long at night. He was sleeping 14 hours (with many many wake ups for nursing), which was nice becuase I could still go to bed when I wanted to. Now it's 11-12 hours, so I've got to modify my sleep schedule since he won't let me nap with him during the day. That's ok, I need to remember that a) things always change and b) to be grateful for the calm naps this week.

Love you guys
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Originally Posted by rhiOrion View Post
wait, why wouldn't they let him wear sprout?
First, it was because space was too tight (DH is skinnier wearing a baby than most people are without). Then, it was because Sprout might grab something (he's face-in in the Beco -- there's no way his arms are getting out). Finally, it was because if he started crying, it would disturb the other people.

Keep in mind, this is in a small room. Half is a waiting area, half is the work/computer area. The halves are separated by a wall that's mostly occupied by an open window and an open door. So instead of happily snuggling in his carrier, he had to sit on my lap FIVE FEET AWAY. Yeah, crying is a lot more quiet from that distance.
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