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LOL...I was just about to quote that post with the same emoticon!!!
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What I've been wondering is how many of the people who had pertussis were vaccinated?
I remember when I was doing my initial research on vaccines I found an incidence of WC being labeled the cause of the deaths of hispanic babies. They had all received the initial vaccine days before coming down with it. I wish I could remember where to find that so I could link it. It was one of the indicators to me that in some cases the vaccine can sponsor the illness. Of course, the 'spin' was that they died because they had not yet received the whole series.

This article has some statistics about WC illness even though fully vaccinated, the figure here is 85.9%


From the CDC Pink Book (which has been severely dumbed down since the time I looked at it years ago! There is NO scientific data or jargon present, nor any actual studies presented)

"Of the 10,650 children 3 months to 4 years of age with
reported pertussis during 1990–1996 and known vaccination
status, 54% were not age-appropriately vaccinated
with DTaP."

I take this statistic to mean the children had received some of the vaccinations... which is where (I believe- through research) the infection originates in many cases. But I could be wrong. We don't vaccinate for many reasons, the most glaring one being the ingredients and how they are made. I do not believe injecting toxins to be a healthy decision.
Frankly, after seeing how the pink book has been changed and reading the propaganda (IMO) that vaccinating saves lives and all the 'possible' and 'likely' side effects, I feel sick. I really wanted to dig up some information that has a source about how many children get sick with B. Pertussis within a month of receiving the dose....

After reading the marketing pitch known as the pink book again, I am willing to bet the women received some vaccinations during pregnancy and their children likely received at least one dose, but I have no documentation on that, yet... and with all the money involved, it is likely we will not be permitted to know this even if it is the case... There are people employed by the vaccine makers checking all the boards and blogs and websites that they can (IMO) and formulating renewed opposition based on what they learn from us vaccine decliners.... Probably why the pink book has been so changed, since it was information in it that helped me decide vaccinations were more dangerous than the disease.

Anyway, I just feel sick right now and cannot continue the research. Maybe later.

eta http://www.naturalhealthstrategies.c...-vaccines.html

i was just given this link... more vaccination/WC info on it, with sources nak
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There was a terrific documentary done by KPBS Reporters Joanne Faryon and Kevin Crowe about California's pertussis outbreak.  Crowe and Faryon joined forces with The Watchdog Institute (San Diego), after performing some four months' worth of research into the pertussis outbreak.  Joanne traveled to the Netherlands as well and interviewed Dr. Mooi, who has performed extensive pertussis bacterium research.  What both Joanne and Kevin found, completely shocked them.  They found through researching some 17 or so counties that most, if not all of the reported pertussis cases, were in those that had been fully vaccinated.  They also found no correlation between exemptions used in certain counties, with the number of reported cases.  Also, the CDC had only cultured FOUR of the known reported cases of pertussis at the time their research was performed - which is rather shocking.  Further, if the pertussis bacteria is mutating (we could be dealing with b-parapertussis), then the vaccine for pertussis, as Dr. Mooi states, is completely useless. 


Here is the link to this documentary - it's well worth the viewing:  http://www.kpbs.org/news/envision/whoopingcough/

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