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I *always* say something. I put a lot of thought into my purchases. I don't care if the difference is only 18¢-- that's 18¢ more than I had anticipated paying. Sometimes people are rude about it. But they can just get over it. It's my money and I will manage it however I choose. KWIM?

I'm sorry they were so rude to you today.
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Yes, unless I was in a huge hurry and it was a small amount. It's illegal. I actually made a huge stink at Ross once and told them they can be fined for not honoring the price (they were refusing saying 'customers' change prices). I didn't buy the item since they wouldn't honor the price. The Bureau of Weights and measures in the county would go around and pick up random things from stores then have them rung up to check prices, and the stores who had mistakes had to pay a fine and have a notice posted in the window.

They were really rude to you. Even if they thought it was ridiculous, that's poor customer service.
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Yes, I do and I'm not embarassed. I watch the monitor as things are scanned so I catch mistakes before the total price. The people behind me can wait while the issue gets sorted out. I don't care if it's $0.05 off or $5.00 off, either way I speak up. It's my money and I work hard for it.

I'm sorry you were treated that way, OP. It's poor customer service. I would go higher up in their company. Put it in writing too.
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I do - we have a supertarget here that was so bad I reported them to the department of weights and measures.
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I do every time. There's a Kroger around here that I love going to. It's new and bigger than the other ones and just has a much better selection. However, they are horrible with pricing. Pretty much every time I go to this Kroger (2-3 times a month) I end up buying something that rings up wrong. This particular Kroger will give you the first item free and then adjust the price to the advertised price for each additional item. You better believe I point out pricing errors to them every single time!
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If I noticed (not likely), I'd probably assume I'd read it wrong and not say anything. That's just me.

However, the cashier's behavior was inexcuseable. If either their tags or their register is wrong, even if it is only a few cents, it's their responsibility to fix it and really they should be apologetic about it, seeing as it's their mistake.
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If I notice and I'm sure I'm correct I always say something. I've never had anyone give me much trouble about it though. (Of course I'm also the person who points it out when things ring up for less than they should, which really confuses cashiers.)
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Yes Ill bring it up even if the price is in my favor. I feel bad sometimes though. Once I had a disposible camera ring up 6.00 it was suppose to be 12.00 so I mentioned it to the cashier.. ends up the store had a policy that if something rings up wrong (whether to high or to low) you get it for free. I tried to argue with the manager that I just wanted to give them the money owed and he told me he didn't have a choice store policy is store policy. They did gain a regular customer through that experience since it was the first time I had shopped there after moving to that area.

Im sorry they treated you like that. You had every right to want to pay the price advertised, after all its your money. It might not seem much to them but its the principle of the thing.
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Only if its in there favor!! Seriously though, I'd have said something!! I don't say anything if its in my favor though (like, I thought x was going to be $5 and it rang up $3? Hells no!!)
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A local grocery where I live actually had a sign on all the cash registers to the effect of "if the item rings up a different price than what the shelf tag says, we are having an issue with our shelf tag system and the price the register rings is the correct one." Across the board because there was an issue with an item that was supposed to be $10 being marked as $7 or something like that. A couple weeks later, I went back and the signs were down. I could understand if they said that Item X is marked wrong on the shelf, the actual price is $10.
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