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At what gestation did you birth your children?

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How far along were you when you birthed your babies? Just being nosy.

I was:

42 weeks for DS1 with a spontaneous delivery
40+1 weeks for DD with a spontaneous delivery
41 weeks for DS2 with a spontaneous delivery
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Both were due date babies, so 40 weeks exactly. Who knows with this one, I'm due on Thursday.
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I went into labor with our first on his due date (boy was I shocked!), he was born the next evening. With our second I went into labor 3 days early.

I assumed I would "go late" since I was born so very late (how many years have I had to hear about THAT?!?!) but nope. LOL.
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DD1: 38w1d
DD2: 37w0d

Both picked their birthdays, in spite of my requests to cook longer.
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37w, 37+1, and 38+4, all spontaneous labors. Sort of hoping for another 37w baby this time...we'd get the tax break, and it would be an even-numbered birthyear like all my other kids, haha!
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i am now 36w2d and i'm hoping not to make it to september.. but i'm sure that will be just my luck!
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40+3 spontaneous
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I'm due September 3rd. It looks like I keep getting later. I don't mind so much as long as I don't go a full week over. I really don't want that.
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Ds1, 39w1d
Ds2, 38w2d
Both spontaneous
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I was:

39 0/7
36 0/7
35/07 (on a vent for 4 days, CPAP for 4, jaundiced, home by 2 weeks/ not fun)
36 3/7

All spontaneous.
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I honestly expected her to go later.. closer to 42. I was surprised and slightly sad to be done with that stage. Everyone else was freaking out by 39.
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Both of mine were born on the date given to us by the ultrasound. I don't remember the exact due dates because the doctors just used the ultrasound due dates since both were later than the actual date given by the LMP.
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DD1 - 41+4 cervadil-turned-pitocin induction.
DD2 - 39+3, spontaneous
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With my first daughter I was 40 weeks + 1 day. My OB had unnecessarily suggested (and put into action) an induction 4 days prior to that. The induction technically failed, but the stress likely helped along my real labor. Of course, after days of fruitless induced labor and the after-pains from that, my "real" 33-hour labor was a very rough experience.

My second daughter was born at 40 weeks + 5 days. I had allowed my midwife to sweep my membranes a couple days prior. I'm not sure if that played any part in my timing, though. In fact, I think it may have just been responsible for the miserable 24 hours of prodromal labor that I experienced before my super fast "real" labor kicked in. Thankfully, we were intervention free aside from my consent to the membrane sweeping (which was likely based in fear of having to transfer to a hospital for another real induction if my daughter didn't come out soon enough.) The end results were 100% different from my induced hospital birth.

Next time I'm going to ignore all suggestions about speeding things along. My body knows what it's doing, and apparently it just likes to cook babies to perfection.
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Both were 40+1, spontaneous
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#1 was 40w, 1d (spontaneous labor starting the afternoon of his due date)
#2 was 39w, 4d (after starting to dilate at 35-36 weeks, and walking around at 4cm for two weeks, lots of stop start labor)
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41 + 4 and 38 +1, both spontaneous
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40+5 spontaneous
41+1 spontaneous (does it count if I had acupuncture 3 days before and a membrane sweep 4 days before )
41+2 spontaneous
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39 w 5 days
42 w 2 days
42 w 2 days

Als spontaneous delveries.
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