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At what gestation did you birth your children? - Page 2

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40 + 2 spontaneous
39 + 5 induction by ROM
40 +6 spontaneous

This time the ultrasound reveals that I'm due on Christmas, so this should be interesting!
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27w6d spontaneous due to pprom... after 4 days of mag stalled labor
33w3d spontaneous
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40+1 with my first baby (went into labor on her due date)
39+4 with my 3rd baby

My 2nd and 4th were scheduled c-sections, so no labor beforehand
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1 - 35+5 spontaneous - I think he came early due to his health problems and yes he did need assistance breathing for the first week or two, can't quite remember since it was all a blur.

2 - 38+0 spontaneous - midwife said he looked full term, no vernix

3 - We'll see...
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41 (induced)

Expecting this one to go to 41 or more, too
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41.5 for both.
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DD - 43+1 spontaneous
Teeny-tiny - still cooking but we're at 41+4 and counting now.
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41+3 when I went into spontaneous labour, 41+5 by the time he came out!
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40w 1d induced with pitocin after 'supposed pre-term labor stopped at 28 weeks'

40w she was on her due date

40w 6d had used epo and cohoshes for a few days

37w spontaneous labor, though mw and ped were convinced he was earlier and dates were off

35w 3d spontaneous labor, ped specialist at hospital after transfer was convinced he was earlier by looks but was stable.

?? due in October but both CNM and CPM and I are pretty sure she will be making her entrance in September sometime......hopefully after 35 weeks
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41+4, spontaneous.
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40w1d induced
41w induced
40w1d spontaneous
42w induced

I'm placing my bets on 40w2d (Christmas Eve) and 41w2d (NYE), just because that's the kind of luck I have.
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DD - 41+2, induced
Ds1 - 40+2 spontaneous
Ds2 - 40+1 spontaneous (went into labor on due date)
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40+1, spontaneous, twins
38+5, spontaneous, singleton
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32+4 (water broke, labor started and could not be stopped)
39+0 (water broke, labor started)

Both were c-sections, but I went into labor on my own both times.
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How weird is this, i went into labor with DS at 39 weeks, 1 day, and he was born four minutes after midnight on his due date.
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DD - 39+3 (Induction with prostoglandin gel. She was born the next day at 39+4. Probably the most gentle medical induction we could have had).

DS - 39+4 (spontaneous labor).
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36w3d spontaneous
38w3d spontaneous
41w (membranes stripped 2 days prior so maybe spontaneous maybe not??)
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Baking #4.
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