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Why do people touch baby's hands??!?!?!

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Why? Why? WHY?!?! It's freaking disgusting!!!!

How do I deal with this? And why do people get alllll offended when I say "please don't touch her hands - she puts them in her mouth"??

It's literally as if people are walking up to my baby and sticking their nasty dirty hands into her mouth. It makes me furious.

And I just got my period.

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Your period?!! Already?! I had totally forgotten about that.

Yeah I don't know why people touch babies, especially their hands. Some lady when I was out with dd at 3 weeks was all googly eyed and walked over like a bear to honey and I just looked at her and plainly said ''Don't touch my baby.'' she gave me a totally befuddled look, but I thought: ''yeah, right back at you! I'm befuddled too, what with you being a perfect stranger coming over to touch my baby!''

How weird would it be if we all lost impulse control every time we saw someone adorable and sped up towards them to fondle them? Quit the pregnant belly/baby harassment, Bunch of weirdos!
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Totally! Yuck. Why do people feel so entitled around pregnant women and babies? We're vulnerable enough (which is maybe why I (used to) care about not being rude to them (who are being rude)). The irony.

Yes, my period! Yuck. I stopped bleeding post-C around 5 weeks and then today I have textbook first day of your period bleeding. I called the midwife (at home.. this is an emergency!) and she said it is my period indeed. I have cramps. And raging pissed-off-ness / increased Mama Bear surges. But still sweet lovey feeling for my baby. Just crazy.
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Have you tried using a carrier? So far when we go out in public with Dd we use the Moby Wrap. Just a tiny part of her face is showing and people don't even register that there is a baby in there until after we walk by and I hear them say, "did you see that tiny baby?"
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I agree, slings and carriers do help. But there are those die hard people for who the slings do nothing more than prevent baby thievery. They still come by and peek in and touch baby,they just can't attempt to pick them up. I think it's equivalent to lifting a woman's shirt to get a peek at her pregnant belly, just wrong!
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i agree..I don't know why people feel entitled to hold your baby!! Even people I know...if I don't come right out and offer then what makes them think they should carry my kid around??? Mt hsbd has a crazy aunt whom we rarely see (for good reason) and she recently was at a baby shower i went to and when i bent down to grab something out of my car seat she said "don't you dare put that baby back in there until i get a chance to hold her."

'scuse me? Needless to say dd stayed in my or my MIL's arms the entire time.

And the touching...ugh...I try to keep mine in a Moby too when shopping...it does limit the stranger thing. Then all you get is the awws and ohhhs!! I've been known to put a hand out to deflect a "toucher" before. This is just something I would never do...even with friends and my niece and nephew. I just do not think it's in any way my right to touch or hold a newborn until given the green light in some way.
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