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Potato flour substitute?

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My ds1 is allergic to wheat, not sure about gluten yet, but I have been following quite a few gluten free recipes for now. Anyway, in the book I have, some of the recipes call for potato flour (not starch) and say it is necessary for the recipe. However, he's allergic to potatoes, too. (And soy and corn).

Is there anything that will give me similar results to potato flour?

fwiw, the cookbook is "The gluten-free gormet bakes bread" by Hagman.
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I don't know if it's a direct substitution, but I use sweet potato flour (I get mine from barry's farm, online). I also use sorghum flour, tapioca starch, and light buckwheat flour. What are you using for a gum to hold it together? Xanthan gum is usually from corn. Guar gum is in the legume family. We use karaya gum, which is from a gum tree (I use Wilton's Gum-Tex, bought at craft stores in the cake section).
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Wow - so good to know. I have xanthan gum and guar gum, but didn't realize what they were made from. My boy gets rashes from legumes, too. I'll have to check into the karaya gum. I have sorghum flour and tapioca flour, amongst other things, but I"ve never tried sweet potato flour. I'll check into that.
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sweet potato flour is more of a starch than a flour, for consistency. I like it for gravies because it's not as gelatinous as tapioca starch. I've had to make a lot of phone calls/emails to find out what food sources things are from. If a company won't tell me, I don't use them. Some companies are good about allergy info., others not so much.
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Thank you so much for the info on Barry's Farm!!!!!  I ordered Plantain flour, sweet potato flour and cassava!  I am beating my head against a wall because the GF flour mixes and Artisan GF four mixes all use potato flour and I cannot have nightshades white potatoes included.  Was having trouble substituting out the potato flour ( getting thin runny results) and stumbled upon this thread!  I grew up in South America so am thrilled to find plantain flour as plantains are an all time favorite breakfast food these days.


Mahalo gracias and ciao

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