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Syracuse, NY MW?

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Anyone use Meredith Greers? Like her or not and why? Thanks for your input. I am hoping to use her as my hb mw!
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It might be more helpful to post in the NY Finding Your Tribe area
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Moved from I'm Pregnant to FYT.
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I met her at the Midwifery rally we had in Albany. I haven't had a chance to work with her yet.

I PM'd you too.
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I'd really like to more about this midwife!! I'm looking for someone to attend a birth in Syracuse, too...
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I met Merideth last fall (2010) and started my prenatal appointments with her in December of 2010. We had a long (25 hrs) but gentle waterbirth at home in early June with Merideth with her assistant at the time, Sue Derby. I really enjoyed my experience with Merideth - all of my prenatals were great and I never felt rushed. I had an easy pregnancy but I know that she does a lot to work with OB's or more traditional doctors if you have other medical issues/interventions (ex. ultrasounds). I think that our only frustration has been with my postpartum healing. I had a second degree tear as a result of my daughters birth and although Merideth stitched me the way that the tear came together has been a little "off" - luckily it's not painful or doesn't seem to create any functional problems but I have decided to get a second opinion from our family practice MD.

Merideth also offers Hypnobirthing classes. My husband and I did take the class she offered (we found out that it was the first time she had ever taught it) and we were not really impressed with her teaching style. Hypnobirthing didn't work for me, at least not when I really needed it (transition & pushing).

As far as I know I think that she is the only midwife who is taking on new clients right now in the Syracuse area. Her rates are really reasonable and she does bill insurance - but you have to pay up front and wait for reimbursement (if your company does). She does have a website - www.cnymidwife.com and her practice is on facebook (Family Tree Midwifery) if you are looking for more information about her.


If you have any other specific questions I can answer I would be more than happy to. I know we were desperate to find a homebirth midwife and we're so happy when we signed on with Merideth. I never regret my decision when I look at my happy, healthy, and glowing waterbirth baby who's 2 months already!

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