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Hang in there. I'm not there yet (only one so far), and I know that every child is different. BUT 29 months and the PLing days were hard. I remember thinking that just as things seemed to be getting easier, DS started having bouts of really difficult behavior. It's only a couple of months later, and now he's not only an angel again but he is a MUCH better listener/helper than he was just several weeks ago. IDK if it will help the cling/cranky thing your DD has going on, but maybe you could try asking her to come give you (and baby, if you're holding he) a big hug and kiss, and then ask her to do something for you. Maybe she needs a job to keep her busy and help her feel important? I tried that with DS b/c otherwise he was just getting into all kinds of mischief, and (again, it took several weeks) now he's following directions that I really never thought he'd understand. Even if you don't need her to do anything, just ask her to pick up her toys, or bring you one of them so you can see it, or ask her to help with the baby (esp diaper changes). If she feels more involved, maybe that will help her mood and take some of the load off for you?
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You're doing great, mama. I totally agree with tallulama's post-- give it to tv if you need to, take a breather, keep yourself centered.

my kids have the exact age difference as yours, but my babe is now 6 months old. our days got a lot better when the baby was able to interact more with her older bro. they absolutely love playing together, and she worships her brother--which of course he loves.

Hang in there!!!!!

and I hear you on the babywearing-- #1 wanted to be worn 24/7, my baby hates it. it is hard. we got her an infant seat with bells and whistles. when we're in the hard i put her in the stroller and stroll her from place to place.

also, search out the little joys where people are happy. for example, both of my kids absolutely love the grocery store. my babe has been SO mad lately because she has a tooth coming in, but she absolutely loves the grocery store. and my son could spend hours opening the greeting cards that sing songs. We spent an hour there yesterday morning and then another hour there in the afternoon!
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A little outside help with cleaning etc. may work out for the better . I wish the husbands could say some caring words !! We can enjoy more with the kids any age if we just get the hold of our emotions, when pushed. Don't worry, give them all your love and care and in no time they would grow up as caring individuals and would love you for everything. You can do it !!

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