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Later bfp's on OSOM?

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I've been using the supposedly ultra insanely sensitive OSOM tests the last few months. I test through about 9 dpo....then stop, to keep a glimmer of hope alive until af arrives.

But....the deal is....no matter how much research I do on these tests, I can't find anyone who has gotten a late bfp on them. Everything I see says they got one at 7, 8 or even just 9 dpo.

How can EVERY person get an early bfp with these.....given that implantation doesn't always happen until 10 dpo?

I mean the average is 9 dpo, I think. So a fmu test on osom couldn't possibly be positive with that implantation date, right?

Has anyone out there used osom and tested negative....then got a positive past 9 dpo? Anyone? I need some hope here. I hate to count myself totally out at 9 dpo....but the reviews on these tests is crazy.


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I don't know anything about those particular tests but when I got prego w/DD I had an implanation dip on 10 dpo and spotting on day 10 and 11. Got a negative FRER on day 11. Didn't test again until day 14 and it was positive. So I don't think DD implanted until 10 dpo! So no test in the world would pick that up.

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I just read somewhere that implantation takes something like 4 days - so is the OSOM only testing for HCG? If it is, then yeah, you are correct, if you don't implant until later then no test is going to pick it up because it hasn't happened yet. I bet people just tell the stories of the early ones because they are in shock that it picked it up that early. For instance, I took a FRER on Friday at 9 or 10dpo - BFN - BUT when it dried, I swore there might be a very slight line but I've literally seen evaps better, so I took another test that afternoon and got a line on the FRER - obviously, somewhere between that morning and afternoon, my HCG had crossed the threshold of the test for detecting HCG (so I was probably at like 8-12 miu in the morning and 12-20 plus that afternoon). Does that make sense? With my last pregnancy, I was 10dpo and had a VERY negative FRER, but got a BFP at 11dpo.
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Thanks, I feel a bit better. It's actually why I stopped testing yesterday at 9 dpo.....I wanted to save a bit of hope. I figure by 9 dpo on an osom I can be reasonably sure that I'm out.......but there's still the possibility of late implantation.

I've always gotten bfp's by 10 dpo with an answer......so 9 dpo for sure on an osom would have picked it up....but I know every preg. is different.

I just wish I could find ONE person who didn't get a bfp until 10 dpo witn an osom....just can't find any.
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Well, maybe everyone does get early bfp's on OSOM's....judging from the lack of ladies stepping forward.....

AND......my temp. tanked today already at 11 dpo.....so it appears that I am not getting a late bfp, either.

I'd still like to know if there are any...I have more OSOM tests and plan to test early and stop next cycle, too.

I really like these tests...but I'd like them a whole lot better if I could get a bfp on one! Sigh......
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A quick update......my 7, 8 and 9 dpo tests were right. I got a temp. rise today at 13 dpo so I tested (but have not since 9 dpo) and got a bfn.

So af should arrive as anticipate tomorrow.....

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I don't know about how sensitive those tests are, but with my first, I had a negative test on CD 25 followed by a very, very faint + on CD 28. I wasn't charting, but I assume CD 28 was about 12-14 DPO.

With my second, I was charting, and had a blood test 10 DPO and my hCG was a 4. So nothing would have picked that up 7, 8, or 9 DPO and probably not even 10 DPO. My first faint positive test was 12 DPO.

This time, I was completely bowled over and shocked to get a very faint + on 9 DPO followed by a clear + 10 DPO.
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Dee -
Sorry to hear about the pending arrival of AF - the waiting is the worst.
I've never used the the tests that you're asking about, but just wanted to let you know I completely agree with your theory. Is implantation happens late, then there's no way humanly possible to get a BFP before that date. Maybe the ladies writing the reviews were lucky to get an earlier implantation, and the ladies that got late implantation just aren't writing any reviews?

Anyway, best of luck to you!
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mamadee4, i too am curious about the osom tests. got some at my doc's office at 9dpo (bfn) and have tested the last few days (bfn). now at 11dpo, curious if a negative osom at 11 dpo is "out" for the month....


anyone? anyone ever get bfn before bfp on osoms??


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Hi- This is a really late reply. I tested with OSOM from 6 dpo (U/S confirmed) twice a day... everyday...and I didn't get a BFP until the morning of 12 dpo. It was very faint and took over 15 minutes to show up. At 13 DPO it was BFP in less than five minutes. FRER didn't turn positive until 14 dpo- same day as CB DIGI.

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