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OB-GYN shortage on NBC news

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Interesting story tonight.
Basically, a shock-value piece about how malpractice insurance is so expensive, OB-GYNs won't catch babies anymore.
No mention whatsoever of alternatives to driving hundreds of miles to the nearest hospital with a doctor willing to catch your baby. (The couple in their little story lived in Bisbee, Arizona. From what I've heard about that town, I'd think there would be someone willing to come to them...)
Could OB-GYN's be driving themselves to extinction?
Over-intervening->dissatisfied customers->malpractice suits if anything goes wrong->higher insurance premiums->fewer OB's?
Interesting thought. Do we need more than one OB per hospital? There are more midwives every day.
The basics of the story are online, w/ a map of states most affected.http://www.msnbc.com/news/749422.asp

Here's a little note I wrote to them.

"Hello. I watched tonight's show with great interest.
I have a suggestion for the accompanying web story:
It would round out your state-by-state information beautifully to add a link to a map of the U.S.
that illustrates each state according to its midwife-per-population ratio. Midwives do not share quite the same malpractice liability, and provide a caliber of care proven to be far superior to that provided by today's American OB-GYNs. There are more midwives entering the field every day. They, most likely, will prove to be the solution to today's problems in childbirth health care: soaring costs and cesarean section rates, shockingly high rates of excessive intervention, and an embarassing 24th place rating on infant mortality among developed nations.

Give your worried visitors a ray of hope: a tidbit of crucial information. Tell them about midwives.
Thank you for your time, and your attention to this fascinating topic."
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I heard a simliar story on NPR today. It's so interesting what is happening. My only fear would be that people who don't really believe in Homebirth end up having one, because they couldn't find an OB-GYN. I'd hate to have the rampant law suits brought into lay midwives. It would be such a shame.
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What good news for American women and their babes!!!
Title only, I will have time to read the article later.
Hopefully, the trend of CNMs replacing obs will accelerate now.
Thanks for sharing the news, and your reply was great, Ramlah!

2 sections,
2 vbacs,
and due Jan. 2003
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