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vaccines and close family member with cancer

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My dear Mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer. She has had surgery and will be starting chemo in a few weeks, to continue indefinitely unless side effects become too severe - in which case they will discontinue. She was deemed incurable but we are praying for much longer than they say.

I homeschool my kids and they are unvaxed (well, short of my oldest having a couple shots when she was a baby). None of us have ever had a flu vaccine. But do I need to reconsider this given the circumstance? I love my Mom so much and I don't want to miss time with her OR be the cause of her catching some sort of infection. She is only 52 and a huge part of our lives.

I know we will be missing church for much of cold & flu season I am guessing (it is pretty impossible to prevent my 2yo from catching everything in the nursery, and people are unrelentless in bringing sick children). I feel stressed about not having outside support but my Mom is much more important. Do I need to have everyone vaxed for flu? I feel scared to do it and wonder if we would end up sicker in the long run...but if it what is best for my Mom then I would be hard pressed to decline it. What would you do in this situation?
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No, your kids are fine. My daughter was unvaxed when I had cancer and chemo. It was a non issue. Just don't bring your kids over to visit her when they are sick and you are good.

My oncologist told me to stay away from anyone recently vaxed anyway.
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My father recently had several rounds of chemo and was told to stay away from recently vaxed people.

I agree with Arduinna's advice.
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The flu shot is largely ineffective anyway. I would def not subject my kids to the risks of this shot on the miniscule chance it might prevent a case of the flu that would be prevented anyway with a hearty immune system.

PP's advice is great. Keep your kids away from your mom when they are sick.

Sorry about your mom . 52 is wayyyyyy to young
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I am on medication that leaves me immunocompromised and I am supposed to stay away from freshly vaccinated people because they shed viruses. The flu shot is usually the wrong strain anyway because they use the strain from the year before and by the next year it has mutated anyway.
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Consider giving your kids vitamin D and sambucol in the winter. Much more effective at preventing all strains of the flu and colds too.
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We don't vaccinate and my mom has Stage 4 lung cancer and we were told to keep my kids from visiting when they were sick. She did wear a mask a few times around us but we live 10 hours away and we were lucky that we weren't sick when we visited. Her doc told her to try to eat well, take her vitamins, and stay positive. We are very lucky to still have her almost four years after her diagnosis when they told her she only had a few months left. I hope your mom stays healthy through this all. (((hugs)))
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