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waldorf color theory

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Hello! Does anyone know which colors are associated with each particular grade level?
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Hey there. I have the info but let me look it up. I do know that for the 1st 7 years of life it's the peachy pink color.
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Thanks! I am looking for up to seventh.
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Here is an article that talks about Lazuring classroom walls, it mentions

"In a Waldorf environment, colors for classrooms are chosen based on the age and developmental stages of the children. For example, a kindergarten classroom will feature rose and magenta tones, while an upper grade classroom (7-8) will have walls of aqua, green and blue."

I think Steiner also chose the colors based on the specific school--in addition to developmental stage.

Most kindergartens I've seen are pink, and in our W. school now it's---grade 1 peachy, grade 2 more orange, grade 3 yellow, grade 4 teal, grade 5 light blue, grade 6 darker blue, grade 7 blue/violet, grade 8 violet
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Ughh, I can't find my notes anywhere I'm so sorry! I still haven't unpacked all my books, etc from our move last year.

All the schools I have seen have always used the peachy pink (to resemble the womb) in all the early childhood (mom and tot, pre-k, to kindergarten) rooms and then 1st grade it become a bit more intense and orangeish.

Color is pretty big. Only certain colors are allowed to be used at certain ages, and every grade level has their certain color that Steiner deemed necessary and appropriate for that age. The colors are believed to possess powers that will help the child's developing soul in its journey into the new body.

I'll keep searching, though
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This is a little helpful:
It's hard to describe some of the colors. To lazure my daughter's bedroom in the peachy pink color for her age I had to use a red and a yellow paint overlapped.
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