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Seeking experienced doulas in NOVA

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I am new to NOVA and a student doula. I am seeking an experienced doula for mentoring and shadowing for a few births/ months. I would love to opportunity to network with other doulas in the area.

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Birth Doula

Hey JuJu,
I am a birth Doula. I have attended 7 births. I may have one aound the 12th you could attend. I'm meeting with the mother for the 2nd time at 1:30pm today. I'll see how she feels about another person. She is a teen mom, so I don't know where she stands with other guests. I mostly help at PWCH, since it's the closest hospital to me. Are you on alldoulas.com? I think that may be where you "name" sounds familiar. Who are you certifying through? I attend monthly meetings at our midwifery, where I also volunteer as a birth doula. Contact me if you would like to try to attend some births with me, mother willing. bellabirthchoices@gmail.com

~Fern <><
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Hello Fern,

I am on alldoulas. I haven't checked it out lately.

I would truly appreciate attending any birth. I would be more than willing to help in any way or just be in the background whatever you or the mom desires.

I will be certifing through DONA. I will be attending a workshop next week from 13 to 15. If the mom have the baby after I return and if she doesn't mind another guest, I would like to attend.

Take care,
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There is also the dcareadoulas yahoo group that you might find helpful
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Thanks for the suggestion sweetpea. I have been on the yahoo group for a few months now. It doesn't seem to be too active. I have posted this same question to that group. Anyways, thanks again...
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