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We haven't had a bowel movement since Friday! Totally started getting stressed out until I started doing some searching on here.
She's exclusively breastfed and it looks like around this time it's not that uncommon for pooping to taper in frequency.
I hate being so worried all the time, aghhhh! LOL If nothing by tomorrow night I think I'll call her ped just to see what she says.
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I hope everyone is still doing well!

We had a well baby visit yesterday, 7.5 weeks. DS is now over 11 pounds and 22.5 inches, so he's been gaining well (was 6 lbs 3 oz and 20" at birth).

He is sooo much calmer and happier now, which is great...and even when he does get upset it is easier to calm him down. Lots of baby smiles and coos. He enjoys mirrors and a little soft chirpy bird toy.

He still loves to be held all the time, sometimes he doesn't want to be put down for a nap. Unfortunately not so much luck with the baby wearing - he is ok with the Mei Tai, but I can't nurse him in that and it's a bit of a pain to get him in and out frequently for nursing, peeing and pooping. I also can't sit down with him in it. Works well for walks though. I'm really struggling with the ring sling...he hates almost every position I've tried, it's just not comfortable for him. I can nurse him in it in the cradle position when he first wakes up and is really hungry, but that is about it. And it doesn't stay in place when I take him out, so then it doesn't work at all to try to put him back. I have a different style RS on the way, hoping that might help a bit. I've watched several videos, they have helped some but not enough. I may go back to the babywearing support group next week.
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somegirl99~ sounds like your boy is growing very well.. gotta love those squishy little baby legs! I find the sling difficult to wear this time as well. With my girls it was easy because they liked the sling, and didn't care which position they were in. Alistair will tolerate the mei tai after I've put him in it, but initially he complains and tries to stand up.
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