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Hi All --

I have almost 5 month old identical twin girls. They were very concordant throughout my pregancy and the first couple of months after birth, with my Twin A always being just slightly smaller.

Over the past 2 months, they are becoming less and less concordant. Twin B is now 25 percentiles above her sister on the weight chart (at 75th for weight versus 50th), and is also longer (at/over the top of the chart for height, versus Twin A who is at the 75th percentile).

Twin B is just a better feeder, hungrier, less distractable, etc., etc. and that difference is becoming more pronounced as they age. I feel Twin B is also generally more "mature" (in terms of mastery of her milestones, etc.) than Twin A.

Should I chalk this up to just a personality difference, or should I be encouraging the smaller twin to eat more? Have you other moms of identical seen similar differences?

Her feeding just before bed, and night feedings tend to go best. I could conceivably do an extra dreamfeed especially for her in an attempt to increase her calorie intake and see how it goes.

I'm sure I'm overthinking this as some sort of strange fairness issue (Twin A has a right to the same height as her sister!) kind of thing...