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I hear you on struggles with finding the right length curtains.

west elm has ok-prices for longer lengths

anthropologies has longer lengths (but higher prices).

world market, if they're in your area, might but I can't recall (decent prices though)

I've found that tablecloths, bedspreads can work out sometimes depending on their fabric and are a less expensive way to get something in a longer length.
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Most of IKEA's curtains are 98", that's where we got ours.
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bed, bath, and beyond also has long curtains. our ceilings are 12 ft & they carry the length we need.
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I agree the main thing is a piece of art. What would look most striking is one piece that's horizontal, two-thirds the width of the sofa and hung low enough - most people hang WAY too high. I'd find a local artist you like and commission a family portrait or take a nice one this fall when the leaves are all out and have it blown up and put on a canvas at a photo store.
Kilim cushions with brown, orange and reds would look great on the sofa and I like using a sheep skin or mohair blanket for softness.
Then I'd add lamps where people will be reading and some kind of striking object for the coffee table like a big, beautiful bowl. Some of those big lidded African baskets would be nice to have around to collect toys.
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I can't really add anything, like pp said, I would go with some throw pillows, something on the walls....
But the room looks like it's at a great starting point. I can't wait to see what it will look like once you've spruced it up.
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Originally Posted by littlest birds View Post
What would I do? The main qualities I would focus on would be multicolored, organic forms, and softness. But just a taste, so it doesn't actually conflict with what you have.
Something with a little bit of the geometric quality (but not too much) would help tie it to the room also--abstraction would tend to be a natural in a room with these qualities.
I would avoid adding many things because clutter would detract from the attractive minimalism you have here.
Originally Posted by thriftyqueen View Post
If it were my space, I would add some art work with blues, greens, reds, yellows. Fun, bright art above the couch. I would also add some window coverings that have some color, pattern, and texture to add some dimension to the space.
Originally Posted by starlein26 View Post
I also like wall decorations (paintings/framed artistic photos/mirrors). And maybe some sort of unbreakable (bamboo/wood) vase for the center of that table. Possibly some couch cushions...
Originally Posted by texmama View Post
I would add some art behind the couch. Then a couple of fluffy, off white cushions for the couch (would soften the angles of the couch, and still tie in nicely with the room)
Originally Posted by mija y mijo View Post
I would definitely get some artwork up on the walls and try to find a different rug and get some decorative pillows... something with some pattern/color in it that ties together the colors of the room.
Originally Posted by Ola_ View Post
I actually like the rug as a neutral, I'd stick with that since it's not really a piece you want to change too often. I think the room looks very warm, you just need a bit more interest.

I'd go for a big piece of art on the sofa wall, nothing too elaborate that would conflict with your lovely minimalist theme but hopefully something to echo the colours in the room. Also some throw cushions to give the sofa and chair some colour - I see a pale green on the side table and red in the corner (another chair?) so I'd repeat both those colours in the pillows.

Other than that, I wouldn't go too crazy - then again I'm not a fan of over-decorated rooms. I think keeping the rug and potential drapes warm but neutral will avoid competition with the beatiful wall colour and the bright accents. For the drapes I'd probably get something cream/wheat coloured (not stark white) and hang them high and wide above the window. That way you can open them and push them completely out of the way so they don't block the view. And when they're closed it will make the window look even bigger.
Originally Posted by Grace and Granola View Post
I'm not a huge fan of throw pillows, but it could add a nice burst of color or an interesting pattern would be nice too.
Originally Posted by elizawill View Post
i would add some decorative pillows on the couch, (probably something funky and beautiful with browns, mustards, reds, and oranges - maybe with a moroccan type vibe).
Originally Posted by kate42 View Post
Great room! I too would add some couch cushions, plants and a sizeable piece of artwork.

Your cat is awesome.
Heh, my cat is in my 'after' photo too .

Originally Posted by sunnysandiegan View Post
I like what you have so far!

I like clean simple lines of your windows. I would add something to the walls on either side of the window (maybe both, maybe one, but I am not into symmetry). Multicolor art or sconces or an oval 3-D type shelf to hold a candle....anything that adds some depth and breaks up the round and rectangle theme. I like the round and rectangle, btw, I just would add a third shape. Most decorating principles work best in odd numbers, particularly in threes.

3. One large piece would look fantastic above your sofa. A big oval mirror (horizontal) or a rectangular art piece with organic lines. I would include all your colors in your room (or at least several to tie it in) and I would make sure there were a few cool colors to balance it out. The best decorated rooms tend to have a strong warm or cool color focus and then the accents are in the opposite. For your room, obviously you have a very strong warm color focus (perfect for a living/family room!), so adding a few small accent pieces in cool colors will help finish it off visually and it will help "warm" it up by providing a balance. Adding a bit of deep blue and violet are instantly what I thought of when I saw your picture. I'd also repeat the green you have or break up those three items on the one side table.

Do you need lighting for the tasks you do in this room? That is something that popped into my mind right away, also. It looks like you have recessed lights overhead, but what about eye level lighting? A floor lamp with a built-in reading lamp (two lights in one) might work nicely and would also add in some organic lines.
Thank you all for your wonderful advice. I couldn't follow it all, as some of it was contradictory between posters (just different ideas, I mean). But I did follow a lot of it, and this is what we've come up with:
The circular wall hanging above the couch is a mirror with a border of bamboo-like sticks around it. Nice texture and shape. On either side of the mirror is a floral wall sconce hanging, each sconce holding 4 candles, which I've made sure tie into the scheme and add more places of green and red. I've tried really hard to soften the room with some rounded edges (lamps, curtain finials, mirror) while maintaining the abstract, geometric and simple themes.

I still have to steam the curtains, and I'd like to add a bit more greenery in the area around the accent chair (and move the plant from that crowded table). The coffee table can't host "stuff" because this is the only area our baby can play on the main level, and it's very close to our kitchen (and in easy eye distance), so we have to move the table often to make room. We did change the rug to another neutral rug, only because the shag was hard to clean adn the baby was ripping the pieces out and putting them in her mouth.
The curtains look a bit plain in the picture, but they are sort of iridescent and textured in real life (and have circles, if you can't tell in the picture).
Thank you!! We feel so much more comfortable in our living room now.
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That looks great! Thanks for the update.
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Love it! It looks warm and inviting! I really love the throw pillows.
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For the curtains hung as you described on each side of the window, you might look into sash rods.

Here's a google search of 12 inch sash rods.

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Great job!!
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Thanks everyone. I'm really enjoying it; it feels so much more comfortable.
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wow! I'm so impressed that a few changes could make such a difference!
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Very nice! I love when people follow up, Thanks!!!
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Some patterned throw pillows, with SMALL bits of the room colors you already have, but adding in colors, and being floral for a couple, striped for others.

Pictures on the walls. Some soft sheers might look nice, but aren't necessary.

You really need to break up the brown tones. Maybe a pitcher with nice silk flowers on the coffee table.

Saw mention about long curtains...JCPenney has great prices! Here are some in my living room http://i483.photobucket.com/albums/r..._1460235_n.jpg
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I wanted to reply before I read the thread so I keep my first thoughts intact.
First off, I think what you just need are some throw pillows and some art for the walls; I think it looks like a fun and funky but warm room.
I would also add more natural materials, like things made out of nature, like baskets; maybe a floor basket with some books.
Plants always help, too.

And lastly for a little more funk, I think an orgami crane mobile would look rockin' in there.

now I'll go see what everyone else thought. I like it, I wished my living room looked as nice.. le sigh.
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This link should hopefully take you to JCP's curtains filtered by 96"+ panels


Do you sew? It looks like many are 108", you could easily shorten a simple panel like this:


ETA: I see you already did an update...it looks really good!!
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wow, the update looks so nice!
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Thanks everyone! You're all so helpful. I will definitely be back if I have decorating questions again. And, actually I do have one that I'll be back to ask very soon.

I tried to edit the subject of my original post to indicate an update, but couldn't. I will go edit the first message at least.
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