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anyone else out there get a rash from the sun?

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Ok - I know this sounds odd, but when I go out into the sun my skin breaks out in - what appear to be - hives. Small, itchy little bumps. It happens on my arms, legs, feet, chest - pretty much everything but my face. Sunblock has no effect at all.

This has always happened to me. It seems if I go out in the sun enough eventually it stops happening. So like by July I can go out in the sun without this happening, but until then - I'll get these wierd hives.

I just notice today that now this seem to happen to my ds too!

Does this happen to anyone else - anyone know why this happens? And most of all - does anyone know of a way to prevent it?

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I get this too. But I have really sensitive skin and the only way I can avoid getting this is to stay out of the sun as much as possible. My Dr. says it's mild sun poisoning

Sorry couldn't be of more help.

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peggy - well at least i know i'm not the only one!

Sunpoising. . .hmmm. . . I never thought of that. Would that mean it's harmful in any way? I just try to ignore it - I got outside all day because the kids want to be out and when I come in I'm covered in itchy bumps and it's annyoing - but I've never thought of it as potentially harmful. And now that it's happening to my ds it does concern me.

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interesting...my dd gets eczema, so it's hard to say really, but she also seems to get these little bumps that look kind of like pimples, more like milia (what newborns get) when she is out in the sun. She had some last year, and didn't have any all winter (no sun here in winter) and has just had a few now that the weather is brighter. Hmm....my mom said that her mother got bumps like that from the sun, and used zinc oxide as a sunblock to help prevent them.
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Do you and ds eat much sugar? I mean the "evil" refined stuff. It makes some people much more sensitive to the sun. Just a thought...
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Hera - what we get is more like hives than pimples in appearance anyway - if you were to run your hand across my arm it would feel bumpy and it looks red and splotchy and feel very warm.

dandelion - sugar, eh? I'd never heard that before. Well that could be my problem, b/c I hardly go a day without consuming something with sugar in it - but ds doesn't eat any sugar - but he also seems to be getting this sun rash in a milder form than me - so hmmmm. . . I don't know about that one!

Thanks for all the responses and anyone else who has any suggestions/ideas please post!

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for me it's a combo of sun and heat over several days...it suspect it has something to do with the fact that i usually live in air conditioning and i also have, surprisingly, underactive sweat glands...so i overgeat easily even if hydrated.
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Totally guessing here, but our ND suggested using very diluted tea tree (sp?) oil as a rinse if ds gets a heat or diaper rash. May help...can't hurt!

Good luck
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Had to come back to this one, because yesterday we were hiking in the heat and the sun for a while, and then went inside to eat, and went back outside again....and dd broke out in hives! they went away during her nap. I did give her some ice cream, which is very rare since we keep away from the "evil" stuff, but she's had it before with no problems. Hmmm.......I wonder if it did have something to do with the sun and sugar combo....
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