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What are signs a tooth is getting toxic?

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My daughter inherited my crappy teeth, poor kid. Her biggest issue is crowding of her baby teeth, so she ends up with decay between her teeth.

When she was 4, we had all the small cavities filled. Which I think was a poor decision - I didn't know then that the average lifespan of a composite filling in a baby tooth is less than two years. The problem is that they make a small cavity's hole bigger to fill it. Then kids grind their teeth, bacteria get under the filling, and you have more delay much nearer to the roots.

Anyhow, suffice to say she now has 11 teeth that have decay to some extent - all but one of her baby molars, plus all eyeteeth. Some of the decay is fairly close to the roots. She's almost 7.

She also has really big permanent teeth and a tiny, tiny head (inherited from gramma). So we had an ortho consult today. He's advising the same serial extraction I had done, which looking at her full head x-rays, makes total sense. I know why people try to avoid extractions, but in this case, I think it will be necessary (this ortho is anti-extraction in most cases, but my daughter's jaw is TEEENY - well formed, just very small, like her head).

The deal is, we'd likely be extracting her eyeteeth and first molars relatively soon - 6-18 months was the ortho's guess. So it seems silly to subject my daughter to fillings & pulpotomies in teeth that will likely be coming out soon. She'll need a space maintainer on the bottom anyhow, so it doesn't really matter how many teeth come out, or if they need to come out a little early.

Long way of saying we've decided not to do any work on the eyeteeth and first molars. And we'll have the teeth extracted if they cause problems.

My question is, what do you tend to see when teeth are getting bad? I'm hoping they'll bother her a little bit, then we'll take care of it - what are the chances the tooth would just abscess or cause her major pain with no warning? We are doing plenty of healing (raw milk & butter, cell salts, addressing her fat digestion issues so she gets A&D more effectively, minerals, etc). We've been doing all that for 18 months now, and decay progresses - I suspect her baby teeth are pretty much a lost cause, we're just hoping to keep her adult teeth stronger.
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I don't have any answers for you. But I couldn't read your story without giving you a . Good luck.
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I hope this doesn't happen to your daughter, but when I needed a root canal, the pain came on extremely suddenly, absolutely out of nowhere. It was the most severe, debilitating pain I've ever experienced. I'm sure it is different for everyone though. I'd probably fill the most problematic cavities, even if they're going to come out soon.
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