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Spotting at 12 weeks then again at 14 weeks!!!

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Hi ladies,

Just letting you in on what’s been happening with me lately, I’m 15w3d with my second, at 12w I started spotting (pink-ish/brown) with discharge and this was 2 days after DH and I had intercourse. I freaked out!! I went to the nearest clinic and had an US , baby was happily playing and turning and everything looked ok, heartbeat was 156. The OB couldn’t tell what seemed to be the problem but could also see that my placenta was a little low and thought intercourse must have irritated my cervix and placenta being low is the only reason that could make sense at the time, she asked me to not have intercourse until further notice and had prescribed “Duphaston” to take twice a day. Everything was ok after that. I kept having brown discharge for a week after that my OB said it was normal it's probably old blood from the spotting that was still trapped inside. Last week at 14w4d I had spotted again, I didn’t have intercourse and was always taking it easy and resting and eating well and out of no where, I was at work I felt something that didn’t feel right and went to the toilet and to my surprise I had a huge mucus-plug like texture pink in color (sorry TMI) and a lot more than the last time on the tissue paper!!! I freaked out and lucky for me my OB was open for an appointment an hour after that. Oh I was cramping too! So I went in and I had another US baby looked fine heartbeat 155 and my OB had scheduled a sono a week after that to check my placenta and cervix, she also had prescribed a shot once a week for about 3 weeks (I’m assuming it’s a progesterone shot) and said to keep taking the Duphaston tablets and of course my prenatal vitamins and iron tablets as my hemoglobin is low (9.8). I had the sono the doctor asked for on Sunday and baby looked fine playing as usual very active and got to see him/her on 3D!! baby has cute cheeks already and was kicking and lifting his head up and down and making cute fists with it’s little hands, strong heartbeat!! It was just amazing to see my baby all well and happy. I’m now waiting for a phone call from my OB on the full result of the sono (fingers crossed). Has any one gone through this and can relate? I need reassurance and just knowing that I’m not alone will make me feel much better

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I haven't gone through this but I do know what for some women spotting is a normal part of pregnancy. Keeping you in my thoughts!
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DP has a subchorionic Hemmorage and has been spotting for 3 weeks now after an episode of bright red blood and clots at 11w4d. Many women have this kind of hem,morage and many of them only have spotting from it. From what I understand, as long as the baby looks fine and the discharge is brown (old blood) it is not too worrisome. Our doc also put her on progesterone and prescribed partial bedrest and pelvic rest (no sex, no work, no chores, stay at home and keep your feet up).

I hope everything is ok with your little one but the fact that he seems happy in there and that its brown spotting looks positive to me.

Keep us in the loop !

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Sharifa, i haven't been there either, but i do know how our hearts drop and how scared we can get when we spot, i spotted somewhere around 9 weeks and my heart and head went crazy! my heart goes out to you and is sending lots of love and support. keep us updated. i'll be picturing your little guy happily playing in you for a long time yet!
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I spotted at 9 wks and again at 12 wks, both times ultrasounds were normal. The first time was probably from over exertion and the second time was probably from sex. I hate that you are going through all of this anxiety but at least the baby is moving and the heartbeat is good. Keep us posted!
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My situation isn't quite the same but I know just how you feel. I'm 14 weeks 5 days and had a lot of spotting early on this pregnancy. It was always brown and the doc said "nothing to worry about" but I took it easy just incase. Well at 11 weeks I over did it setting up for my DD birthday and ended up bleeding that night. Not spotting but a huge gush of bright red, like a period. We went to the ER and the baby looked fine. There was blood under the placenta and the doc said in the er it's common for him to see tearing between the placenta and uterus and my orders were to take it very easy. I haven't had any spotting or bleeding since but my OB has an appt. scheduled for me next week with a high risk doctor. They will do an ultrasound and take a good look at the placenta to see whats going on.

I know how you feel, it's so scarry to see that. But keep taking it easy, I was so comforted hearing the HB on friday I'm hoping mine was just a one time deal and everything is ok.
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Thank you mama's for your support and kind words, it sure is comforting to have a group of women I can chat with and share my worries with

I have an appointment with my OB this afternoon, I will have an update posted for you mamas, and of course another painful shot of Progesterone is waiting for me OUCH!

keep me and my baby in your thoughts
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I had to have PUO shops all through my IVF... if you numb your buttcheek with ice, you DONT feel it !
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Crashing, but I'm due in early October with my 2nd child and had scary spotting (and bleeding) from weeks 7 through 25 this time around... I had a number of ultrasounds starting with the first occurrence at 7 weeks, and at 20 weeks (while I was on a business trip in Cairo of all places), I ended up in a hospital because of sudden severe passage of tissue/blood and lower back pain and pressure, and still... my cervix was long and closed, and everything was fine. And the tissue/blood was very scary -- having seen my mucous plug in the final days of my first pregnancy, I knew what it looked like and was convinced that what I was seeing in Egypt that day was undoubtedly a mucous plug. But no, thank God. Since then, the bleeding really tapered off and there was just a little bit around 25 weeks, nothing since then (and I'm 33 weeks now). The ultrasounds always showed a high placenta and no obvious reason for bleeding, like a hematoma.

No one ever had any answers about possible causes for bleeding, but even though I don't like to self-diagnose, I came upon the term "cervical erosion" online and really think that may be what I was experiencing.... at least that's what I told myself, because it would mean that there was no impact on the baby, but rather just about my body. Which it seems to be, since the baby is lively and well in there still!

I did find it all so stressful though, and still check for spotting every bathroom trip, all these weeks later, because it was present for so long. But everything is fine, and I'm sure I'll never know what caused it. Hopefully your bleeding will be just as benign, but I'm so sorry you have to go through it. Best of luck!
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