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What age will you delay until?

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For those who are delaying, at which age do you plan to start vaccinations and why? Also are there some that can be skipped (no longer neccessary) if delaying until a later age (such as 2 years old)?

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We're planning on waiting until at least age 2 this time around. After age 2, the blood-brain barrier is more mature, so the vaccine ingredients ought to be less damaging. Plus, by then you're looking at a toddler rather than an infant; they're just tougher.

There are several shots that can be skipped, or have fewer doses, after a certain age... you'd have to look them up on the CDC catch-up schedule. I know Hib and pneumococcal disease become less dangerous the older you get, but we skip those shots anyway.
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I signed on with this same question today.
My baby is 10 months old and I'm getting some pressure from my family to start with the vacs soon. I'm just not ready to stick her with needles yet.
I do dread the lecture I'll get the longer I wait from what ever doctor I decide to grace with my visit but I'm not going to let that be a deciding factor.

I did find this tread a helpful about why people are waiting and how long.

It's a bit older but I think still valid.
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We decided to delay until age 2. DS just turned 3 this past summer and we still haven't done any vax! Everytime I think about making an appointment and starting on a schedule my gut aches and my heart tells me no. I'm still not 100% anti, but I'm having a hard time convincing myself to get started.
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dd is 2.5 and will be getting started tomorrow.

i delayed because we used to live very remotely and had little contact with other people. now that we've moved to a sizeable city, i feel that she needs the additional protection.

we will not be getting the hib or the pneumoccocal congugate because of her age.

we will be getting the dtap tomorrow and then the mmr next. i'm thinking of going with the pediarix for the mmr and polio (hep be would just be a nice side benefit) but i'd like to give her a separate dose of each before giving her the combined shot.

my ds was delayed until 6 months and then each vax was delayed. we lived in the bay area when he was little and i was much more concerned about exposure to diseases with him.
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depends on the vax and the danger of the potential disease and the liklihood of contracting it. we did pertussis asap. polio i did sooner than i would have because we were traveling. chickenpox we'll wait way into childhood and if she gets the pox great and if not then we'll vax. all the heps we can wait as long as we want. mumps i will get on schedule because there have been outbreaks in communities close to us.
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I just started the dtap series and DD is a little over 3. That's the one and only vax she's received so far. Not sure when and if we'll do others.
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