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This is kind of a spin-off of the "true natural cure" thread. For those who are taking (or have looked into taking) amino acids, what dosages did you take while breastfeeding? Were you able to find any info on that?

I'm taking tryptophan (because the Mood Cure book said to take that instead of 5-HTP if you're bfing), tyrosine, and theanine. I started taking them yesterday, and I'm still figuring out how much to take and when to take it. I'm already in love with tyrosine, and if I weren't bfing I'd be taking twice the dose I am now.

There really isn't a lot of info readily available, since they haven't been well studied in nursing mothers. Anyone have knowledge that allows you to speculate in a roundabout, non-medical-advice way, how well it passes into the milk and/or what the effects of that might be? I guess there were some rats given tyrosine while pregnant, and it wasn't good for the offspring. But I couldn't find more information, like what doses are we talking about, and is the outcome the same for breastfeeding as it is for pregnancy... etc.