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Spinoff contraction thread

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Reading annettes thread got me wondering...with my other pregnancies,I really didn't worry about getting all my nesting done until around 8 months, as I knew I always go 40 weeks..and had plenty of time. I had healthy pregnancies with no issues and was painting and redoing my house last time at 38 weeks with no issues. However, with the twin factor, and seeing how so many people are put on bed rest, have issues early on, what would be recommended for me to get all my cleaning, nesting, get the rooms ready, etc by what weeks in the pregnancy? I am a very organized person and a perfectionist and I would FREAK if I didnt have things done and I was put on bedrest at 28 weeks or so. Just a worry from me!
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Yeah, preterm labor is a major risk factor for multiples! Get it done early, or else you may be caught off guard! I just went to a Mothers of Multiples meeting last week and was talking with other new members / new moms, and they all delivered early. One as late as 37 weeks, most in the 34-36 week range, and me at 30.

Personally, I'd done absolutely nothing to prepare for the babies before they came! But then I had 6 weeks of NICU time to get all the prep done... A blessing and a curse!
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Do get it done early if it's important to you to do it personally. My husband ended up doing all the painting alone while I was in the hospital at 27 weeks, and then when they were born at 29, we had plenty of time to make a nice nursery, but not much emotional energy to spend on it, KWIM? Luckily we had ordered a lot of stuff (glider, cribs, dresser, bedding) beforehand. Once the babies came, I didn't give a hoot about anything else.
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