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Sudbury Graduates

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I attended a Sudbury school for a couple of years, and then graduated. I was wondering if there are any others on this board who attended a Sudbury school who would like to chat?
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I would love to hear about your experience!
I am considering a democratic school for my son.
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there is a book on this very subject: Legacy of Trust. It's put out by Sudbury Valley School Press. It's a very interesting read, to say the least,
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There are also a series of youtube videos on Sudbury Valley graduates.  The talks are informal presentations by various (4 or 5) Sudbury Graduates during an anniversary celebration at Sudbury Valley. 


There are 14 videos total.  Here is a link to the first one.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=csAiJgvajYo


ALL of the graduates talks were wonderfull.  Each demonstrated the success available to sudbury grads.  However, my favorite is the talk given by Nikole Bekwith.  ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Kms9aSNNXQ&feature=related  first of 3)


Not  just because she became successful in her field.  She impressed me because of her confidence and independence. She turned down opportunities her industry reverred to follow her own path to success.   If my kids can grow to have that kind of self-knowledge and self-confidence,  I will know I have provided them the tools to be successful in whatever they choose.  



Momma to Joshua (9), Benjamin (6) and Sunset Sudbury School in Davie, Florida

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