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Hi all This is my first post over here on this board... but I think I'll be becoming a regular.

I've had three kids in the past 4 1/2 years, and have been breastfeeding that whole time, and am still and will be for another year. However, I don't plan on having any more children and would like to get my body back.

I'd like to lose 20 lbs, and tone up. One of the hardest parts for me, is that I am so busy taking care of the kids during the day, that 2pm will sneak up on me, and I won't have eaten anything, so I'll shovel leftovers in my mouth, or something really unhealthy (say I'm out running errands, I'll get dizzy because I haven't eaten, so I'll drive through Taco Bell--ew.) Anyway, I am in general a healthy eater (lots of organic, local produce, etc.) but I just have a really hard time with this. Can anyone let me know how you get around this issue? I'd love to have some super easy stuff made that I can snack on throughout the day. I can't see myself making really healthy breakfasts and lunches, because I plain old don't have the time. (I also work from home and my hubby works at least 10 hour days)

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Oooh, the 2pm snack attack! It's a killer!

Something I learned from doing South Beach is to pair a vegetable (high fiber) with a protein. The protein fills you up, and the fiber helps you to feel full for longer (because it is harder to digest). So, some great, go to snacks for me are celery with either cheese or peanut butter. A lettuce wrap with a slice of turkey. tomato and mozzarella. Veggies and hummus.
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Subbing for some new ideas...
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Apple and peanut butter. MMmmm. Banana and peanut butter.

A hard boiled egg.

A low fat yogurt.

a few almonds and raisins.

A z-bar (clif bar for kids - organic and lower cals)
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I understand that you don't have time because you are taking care of everyone else, but you really need to take some time for you. You can even prepare healthy snacks for the week during that time.

One thing I started that has really helped is getting those small snack size ziplock bags and filling them with only one serving of a snack. That way I'm not tempted to eat the whole bag of pretzels. Fill a bunch of these baggies up and have them ready for you to just grab and go. Also, you can prepare veggies and fruits and put them in those small plastic containers so you can grab one without stopping.

If you just can't stop and sit down for a lunch you brought from home, carry a meal-replacement bar with you so you can eat it on the go. Then you can prepare something healthy and with more substance for dinner.
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Originally Posted by highlandmum View Post
One of the hardest parts for me, is that I am so busy taking care of the kids during the day, that 2pm will sneak up on me, and I won't have eaten anything
What are you giving your children for breakfast and lunch? I'm sure it's crazy to get them all fed, but I really think it need to make it a priority to eat something yourself. Either whatever healthy thing you are feeding them or something you can just keep on hand to grab. (I keep the fridge stocked with string cheese, LF yogurts, baby carrots, boiled eggs, etc.)

I also bought some reusable containers to make salad in. Each container is just big enough for one serving of salad. I make 4 salads at one time, and have one every day with my lunch, sometimes topped with tuna or boiled eggs, or with some cottage cheese on the side. For some reason, I have trouble making myself a nice salad in the middle of the day, but if it is already done I'll grab it and eat it.
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My mom is the exact same way and it really set me up for some bad food choices along the way. I don't mean to say this to shame you but many of us moms will do something because it is good for our kids rather than do it for ourselves. So model good food choices. That blood sugar dive is doing you no favors.

I make a big pan of crustless quiche. It cuts up into 16 pieces and freeze. I heat it up in the microwave and eat it with a piece of bread. I only have to do this every couple weeks. Sometimes I'll make it for dinner and then freeze the rest.

When on the go I try to keep a Kelloge's Fiber Plus bar in my purse. These things taste good and because there is so much fiber I feel full and don't crave another one.

I get jelly with no sugar or artificial sweeteners and make myself PBJs.

Hummus with baby carrots

Dried fruit (Fiber is my friend)
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This use to be my struggle as well. I decided I need to model good food choices for my kids, so I started making lunch for all of us together, snacks as well. No separate foods for kids vs adults for the most part. I used to skip eating with them and then I'd shove whatever in my face I could find quick when I got really hungry. Instead I started eating whatever they were having (or healthy leftovers on occasion) and if I wasn't super hungry I just ate a little less. It keeps me eating healthy foods regularly and I don't end up starving.

Snacks at our house have to be quick because I have 4 small kids and we homeschool. Fruit and nuts/cheese are a favorite (apple & a small chunk of cheddar is my favorite) as are yogurt/frozen fruit smoothies. Busy mamas need healthy fuel just like the kiddos
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I have been really good about eating often enough and the right foods for a few months now but I definitely find if I don't plan, I get out of control and then will-power comes into play. (As an aside, I am fasting around once a week and that has helped a ton with learning the will-power to get through a few hours until a healthy choice is available). Anyway, these are some snack ideas.
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Hummus and low carb wrap
Almonds (or any mixed nuts)
Deli meat and cheese slices
Sugar free jello and a tablespoon of whipped topping
A cup of yogurt (light and fit is only 15 to 16carbs per container)
Celery sticks and port wine cheese spread

Some of my favs and I'm doing low carb.
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