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Breastfeeding and conceiving

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Has anyone who was breastfeeding and gotten pregnant again experienced this? I am 5 days late and my cycle has been regularly 29 or 30 days since my period returned following my first child. He is 16 mos and nurses still in the evening. I have not felt a letdown in at least 6 months even while nursing and today, I had 2 during the day that I could definitely feel. I had a negative pregnancy test this morning, but I am someone who takes a long time to show up positive on a urine test, it was over a week with my first. I have had other early symptoms similar to the first time I was pregnant too, but I never had a lot of overtly obvious signs, just frequent urination, mild cramping, excessive thirst. I just want to know if pregnancy is a possible reason I'm suddenly experiencing a strong letdown again and more swollen breasts. Has it happened to you? I'm almost positive I had sex when I was ovulating (due to what the discharge was like), but we were using protection (failed?) due to being on vacation and not really wanting to get pregnant this month (but we were planning on stopping BC next month so I wouldn't be upset if I am). Thanks for any input, not knowing is driving me nuts!
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I hate the not knowing! The 2WW is the worst (and for you it sounds more like the 3 week wait!)

Sore/sensitive breasts can certainly be a sign of pregnancy. Good luck to you!
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