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non mainstream princess recommendations

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DD(3yo) has discovered princesses. we saw a mainstream movie when visiting family a few weeks ago and DD won't stop talking about it. i'd like to find some non mainstream princess movies, books, toys... for her. can anyone recommend any items?
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Can I gently ask why they need to be non-mainstream?

Speaking only for myself, my issue with mainstream princess movies isn't that they're mainstream, but that they're princess movies.

You may want to check out some Dollar Store etc DVDs- they often have knock-offs of Grimm tales, etc, that are animated by bottom-barrel studios, but they may be friendlier for a youngster than big-budget films. They also will give a different take on the story and provide a different (though unlikely more positive) physical Cinderella or Belle.
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The Princess Bride .
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I'm assuming you mean nonmainstream attitudes, like empowered princesses. I can also see avoiding Disney princesses b/c then it can become an issue of the kid asking for every thing that's plastered with the image of those gals. (DD discovered Tinkerbell, and thanks to the ILs, she has now had the opportunity to learn that the versions of things with characters on them tend to be, in her words, "JUNK!" compared to non character branded items )

We avoided princess for as long as possible, but DD has started discovering them a bit. So I don't have too many specific book recs, but...

DD loves to watch the movie version of Once Upon a Mattress. Princess Winifred (ie Fred) is pretty cool. DD is young enough that the adult stuff goes right over her head. And it's WAYYYY more gentle than the Disney princess movies.

We also watched the modern TV version of Cinderella (Rogers and Hammerstein), with Brandy as Cinderella. It was only an okay version of the play, but it was colorful, pretty progressive, and DD still got the girl in a big gown dancing around scene she was hoping for. Plus, it's hard to find a cast that diverse!

We like The Paper Bag Princess, too.

Maybe check out Barefoot Books? They tend to have progressive stuff. Also, if you look on Amazon, I know I have found a whole string of positive princess books there, and then it recommends another, and another... or there are lists people make on there.
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We don't allow Disney Princess stuff in our home either (in short, here's why ) but my 5.5 year old DD does love magic, fairy tales and princesses. Here's some of her favorite stuff:

"The Paper Bag Princess" by Robert N. Munsch
Usborne "First Picture Fairy Tales"
Schleich Fairy Tale Figures
Cloth Fairy Princess Doll
"Jane and the Dragon" books (VERY pro-girl) and the related DVD
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There's HBOs Happily Ever After Fairy Tales for Every Child; http://www.amazon.com/Happily-Ever-A...ref=pd_sim_v_1 .

My DD has princess dresses, dolls and stuff but we mostly read and tell stories about princesses instead of watch the disney movies. We did see frog princess though and the barbie 12 dancing princesses.
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Originally Posted by St. Margaret View Post

We like The Paper Bag Princess, too.
The best princess story ever! You could also try making up your own princess story together.
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*sigh* i tried. but it was of no use.

so instead of taking it away, i 'allowed' her. i think for her though the princess thing was no so much the story or the prince but it was more about the dresses. i will admit i looove the princesses too. mostly for the same reason - costumes. i found her some international princess story books from amazon and our local bookstore. apart from the books already suggested. AND i was soooo lucky to find dressy stuff for her - all silver and gold thread and sparkley from the thrift store and from local markets, from india, malaysia, iran and russia.

but funnily enough her favourite princess was princess fiona from shrek.

and tinkerbell too. she loves fairies too.

she didnt get into princesses till she was 5. before that she ignored them. and she was out by about 7. even with the movies she saw she didnt really focus on the story line but more on the side characters.

however she was never truly into princess stuff. her stories were more around super princess spidergirl. she never pretended to be a princess who waited for her prince, but a princess who kicked ass and saved people. her gma also made her a super princess spidergirl cape and she loved it.

something that i discovered about life from her princess stage was that - you have to try out something to see if you like it or you dont. she was partially into it and came out unscathed.
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YOu should check out the Princess Knight. Basically it is a book about a princess that becomes a knight. She is a very strong character!
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Another fan of the Paper Bag Princess over here! My daughter's more interested in the dragon, though.

I also like the idea of making up your own stories. You can act them out with princess dress up clothes!
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Originally Posted by Mama2Bug View Post
We don't allow Disney Princess stuff in our home either (in short, here's why ) but my 5.5 year old DD does love magic, fairy tales and princesses. Here's some of her favorite stuff:
That is AWESOME! Thanks for reminding me why I really dislike disney!
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Ok, this might be a little above the age range you're looking for, but I'll throw it out there anyway. Here's a book, Dealing with Dragons, where the main character, Cimorene, is a very unconventional princess. I never got into the whole princess thing as a kid, but I absoultely LOVED this book and princess Cimorene.

Now I want to read it again!
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Originally Posted by meemee View Post
i think for her though the princess thing was no so much the story or the prince but it was more about the dresses..
Yes! DD will latch onto any female character that is dressed like a "princess", if they are not dressed in fancy dresses they cannot possibly be a princess. We've tried numerous times to explain that all princesses don't wear dresses but it hasn't worked, in her head it is an important equation in being a princess.
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When I was a kid I really loved The Ordinary Princess. It's not geared at super young kids, but it's a really good story.
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The Tony Ross Little Princess books are hillarious and there is a tv show of it too I think.
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Not something you can buy, but Rennaissance Fairs (Faires? ) are great places to see women doing cool stuff, and my daughter also likes princesses, so I tell her stories about princesses that are in charge of their princessdoms and who do really cool stuff like let people decide (i.e. vote) on what kind of holiday they want, who save men from dragons, who win chariot races, etc. etc. I just do it to get that stuff imprinted on her little brain while there's still time.
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you guys are awesome. thank you for all the recommendations.
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oh by the way for all of you with older kids, i took dd to see 'young victoria' when it first came out to show her what the life of a real princess was like.

she sat spellbound and discovered her love for period pieces at hte same time.
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